Udemy Learn Sidechain Compression for EDM Music Production TUTORiAL

Soft / Video Lessons 23-05-2017
Udemy Learn Sidechain Compression for EDM Music Production TUTORiAL
Get more Professional Music Productions by Separating tracks with Sidechain Compression

Do You Make Music?

I will assume that you want to enhance the quality of your music productions to a professional level, get better separation between tracks, and a more controlled low-end. 

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Adam Pollard—AKA Multiplier—is back with another Dance Music Styles course… and this time, Progressive House is on the menu! Join him, watch along, try his techniques and get inspired!

What makes Progressive House different from other dance music styles and how do you produce it?
EDM expert Adam Pollard is here with answers in this 21-tutorial course where you’ll learn everything you need to know about this exciting and emotional subgenre of House music.

Adam starts the course by examining the defining elements of Prog House, before diving deeper into arrangement, structure and sound design. In his own passionate way, he reveals many indispensable production techniques associated with the genre such as: sidechain compression, filter sweeps, automation, MIDI effects and more.
Trance Music Mastery Guide To Compression TUTORiAL Trance Music Mastery Guide To Compression TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 2-03-2017
Learn To Use Compression To Get a Professional Sound

Over 4 Hours of Video Tutorials Dedicated To Compression!
Learn The Ins and Outs of Compression
Learn Key Skills For Producing Trance Music

In fact, the Guide to Compression is an incredibly comprehensive and detailed course:

30 HD Videos with high quality sound
Over 4 hours of Video – Everything you need to know in order to get that professional sound in your mix.
Groove3 Top Ten EDM Do's TUTORiAL Groove3 Top Ten EDM Do's TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 1-12-2016
Adam Pollard aka Multiplier returns in this power packed video tutorial series of best practices for producing modern, cutting edge EDM music. You'll learn 10 of the most important things to do in your EDM tracks that will make your productions legit and for real!

The series begins with a primer on how to reference your master EQ to pink noise to insure that your mids are balanced, how to do clean sidechain compression, followed by how to use at least one vocal sample with an identifiable phrase as part of your track to give it focus.

Multiplier then shows you how to do lively filter sweeps using LFO modulation and how to tune your kick drum to the key of your track.

Moving on, Multiplier explains why it's important for you to adjust your monitoring volume every twenty minutes or so, and how to use a sends-only sidechain to clean up your kick.

After that you'll explore how to set your track levels relative to the kick drum, as well as how to mix through band pass filters to focus on specific frequencies that bring out the spirit of your track in each band.

Finally, Multiplier discusses why you need to leave headroom for the inevitable mp3/AAC conversion of your track and the best way to do it.

If you're new to producing EDM music, or an experienced hand looking for a series of best practices, don't miss "Top Ten EDM Do's" today! 
Bassgorilla Mixing and Mastering Electronic Music TUTORiAL Bassgorilla Mixing and Mastering Electronic Music TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 24-09-2016
Discover Pro Level Mixing Secrets – Watch An Entire Track Get Mixed And Mastered From Start To Finish In Ableton Live.

Delivered by BassGorilla founder Luke Ward, this course provides you with an in-depth look at how to mix and master your own music. The track is called ‘Nocturna’, and was produced by 9 producers in a BassGorilla webinar course called ‘Let’s Collaborate’.
By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge to:

Mix down a complex track that consists of multiple bass sounds, a wide range of drums and percussion sounds, and lots of melodic instruments
Get a deep understanding of how to use EQ to shape your sounds across the frequency spectrum
Learn how to control the stereo field across the frequency spectrum, using Mid-Side EQ mode.
Learn how to work with a reference track to measure the quality of your mix against a fully mixed and mastered track
See how you can use saturation and distortion to add extra harmonics to sounds and bring them out more clearly in your mix.
Learn how to add space to various sounds so that they all sit at different position in the depth field, using reverb and delay.
learn the art of compression, multiband compression and sidechain compression to control the dynamics and punch of your track
See how you can master your own music using a mastering chain of different plugins.

Udemy Music Production Learn the Compressor Effect TUTORiAL Udemy Music Production Learn the Compressor Effect TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 14-09-2016
Enhance the Quality of your Music Productions

Are you interested in Music Production?
Do you want to enhance the quality of your music, and get louder and more balanced mixes?

In this creative, inspiring and compact class I will show you how to use the Compressor Effect in your music productions, which will take the quality of your music to the next level.

You will learn: The What, Why, When and How of Dynamic Range Compression in Music.

What you will get in this Course:

THE FUNDAMENTALS - Learn the Theory of Dynamic Range Compression
LIVE EXAMPLES - Watch Live Demonstrations of Practical Applications
ADVANCED TIPS - I will give you bonus tips from my personal experience
My name is Mikael Baggstrom, but you can call me Mike from Sweden. I am a professional Music Composer and Audio Producer with a true passion to Teach, Share and Inspire as many people as I can.

I have over 15 years of experience in Music and Audio Production, and I have tried to condense my knowledge and experience of using Dynamic Range Compression in Music Production so that you can get results without reading boring books and articles.

I am looking forward to seeing you in the class!

Mastering EDM Mastering Compression TUTORiAL Mastering EDM Mastering Compression TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 7-09-2016
What you will learn

All about compression, what the different settings mean, how to use them and why.

How to use compression for maximum impact on the dancefloor.

Learn to balance the dynamics of your different instruments and different levels throughout the song.

Learn how to make sure your kick drum cuts through the mix and hits hard.

Learn how to get your songs loud, fat and in your face while using contrast,
dynamics and automation to make it sound massive.

How we will teach you

An in depth overview of compression; how, why and when to compressor your music as well as what compressor to use.

Learn to use mixbus compression, multiband compression and M/S compression in your masters.

Watch us compress nine different tracks from start to finish!