Music Production School The Music Production Course TUTORiAL

Soft / Video Lessons 6-02-2018
Music Production School The Music Production Course TUTORiAL
The Music Production Course is designed to teach you the art of music production and how to become a professional music producer in the modern music industry. The lessons learned in each class can be applied to ANY style of music or production style. Each week also includes a Music Business lesson that will offer valuable career building advice.

In this course you will learn the same techniques that have been used by professional music producers for decades all the way up to today. I will leave no stone unturned in teaching you the skills you need to get the most out of any song in the studio. These techniques will apply to all styles of music and all production styles!
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Udemy Music Production Learn the Compressor Effect TUTORiAL Udemy Music Production Learn the Compressor Effect TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 14-09-2016
Enhance the Quality of your Music Productions

Are you interested in Music Production?
Do you want to enhance the quality of your music, and get louder and more balanced mixes?

In this creative, inspiring and compact class I will show you how to use the Compressor Effect in your music productions, which will take the quality of your music to the next level.

You will learn: The What, Why, When and How of Dynamic Range Compression in Music.

What you will get in this Course:

THE FUNDAMENTALS - Learn the Theory of Dynamic Range Compression
LIVE EXAMPLES - Watch Live Demonstrations of Practical Applications
ADVANCED TIPS - I will give you bonus tips from my personal experience
My name is Mikael Baggstrom, but you can call me Mike from Sweden. I am a professional Music Composer and Audio Producer with a true passion to Teach, Share and Inspire as many people as I can.

I have over 15 years of experience in Music and Audio Production, and I have tried to condense my knowledge and experience of using Dynamic Range Compression in Music Production so that you can get results without reading boring books and articles.

I am looking forward to seeing you in the class!

Music Production School Career Builder Course TUTORIAL Music Production School Career Builder Course TUTORIAL
Soft / Video Lessons 6-02-2018
The MPG Career Builder Course is designed specifically for those who are interested in making and developing a career in Music Production and/or Engineering. This course focusses on the modern music industry and how to create a lucrative career whether you want to work from your home studio or out of a professional recording studio.

I have made 100% of my living from the music industry for almost 30 years. I have seen many changes and learned quickly how to adapt and thrive while others struggled. Over the 8 weeks I will teach you the secrets for staying on top of industry trends and knowing how to move quickly.

In this course you learn the necessary skills to get started, find clients, establish your business, increase rates and keep the work flowing in.

ADSR Sounds Top 15 Mistakes Producers Make TUTORiAL ADSR Sounds Top 15 Mistakes Producers Make TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 18-08-2016
We asked Echo Sound Works to go back in time and give his greener self THE ULTIMATE PEP TALK.

The result, is a compilation of all the things experienced producers wish they had known when they were starting out – all you have to do is watch, listen and learn.

Seize this opportunity to learn from the mistakes of Echo Sound Works and thousands of professional producers as we explore the Top 15 Mistakes Producers Make.

At just under 4 hours, this course isn’t your ordinary throw away ‘top ten list’ reminding you to cut out the lows or put reverb on an aux send. These are the kind of mistakes that have plateaued your production abilities and musical creativity; these are the issues that are holding back your career.

Over the course of 19 video lessons – you’ll explore the pitfalls, the insights and the learnings to solve common issues that you can and will come up against at some point in your production career.

235 Minutes of professional video instruction
19 indepth videos giving you insight and advice on different production related mistakes
Fresh ideas and techniques suitable for any style or genre of music
Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons
Download now or subscribe and stream hundreds of course videos

Over the course of 4 hours you will break down the skills, knowledge and techniques you need to overcome challenges and improve your production game
Udemy Logic Pro X Tutorial: Tips & Tricks for Music Producers TUTORiAL Udemy Logic Pro X Tutorial: Tips & Tricks for Music Producers TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 6-04-2016
Get one step closer to mastering Logic Pro X and mastering your craft.

"Logic Pro X Tutorial: Tips & Tricks for Music Producers" was created to help intermediate to advanced level music producers take their beats to the next level in Logic Pro X.

You will learn: 

Key Commands that will help you create a more efficient and productive workflow.
Several tips & tricks to make your drums knock!
How to use modern production techniques used in top billboard charting songs.
Several production tricks to help with arrangement (formatting your music into a song)
A wealth of simple tricks to help you improve your sound.
The course is very easy to devour and was created to be a resource to help you produce professional music in Logic Pro X.
Udemy Digital Music Production with FL Studio for Beginners TUTORiAL Udemy Digital Music Production with FL Studio for Beginners TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 16-01-2016
Learn how to become a great producer with FL Studio

Become a great producer with this course on FL Studio for Beginners and learn important basics of this production software.

You are a DJ and want to take the next step into music business?

You want to produce the next number 1 track?

Nowadays genres like dance or electro are very popular and it has never been easier for people like you and me to produce music on our own.

FL Studio is great for making your ideas for your own track come true. Many famous artists like Avicii, Afrojack or Martin Garrix already work with this software.

On the basis of its intuitive and readily understandable user interface FL Studio can be learned very easily and quickly.

Udemy How to Make a Electronic Music Song with Logic Pro TUTORiAL Udemy How to Make a Electronic Music Song with Logic Pro TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 28-11-2015
learn how to create your own electronic music songs quickly and professional.

Have you ever wanted to be a professional producer of electronic music? With this course you will learn to do it easily.

Throughout our long professional trajectory (over 15 years of professional dedication) we have learned to produce electronic music quickly and with high quality. In this course we will create a completely original song, and we will explain in detail all the steps for you to become an expert in music production.

You will learn to import sounds, use one of the best synthesizers of electronic music (Sylenth1), designing powerful percussion sequences , compose catchy melodies , learn production tricks used famous DJs and producers to compose your own songs from beginning to end.

Becoming a professional producer of electronic music is now at your fingertips.