Sound Dust Pre Modernist Collection For OMNiSPHERE

Sound Dust Pre Modernist Collection For OMNiSPHERE
The Pre-Modernist collection contains 158 chunky organic electronic patches for Omnisphere with a strong emphasis on rhythm and texture.

Inspirations and touchstones have been 70s punk electronic and experimental music such as pioneers Suicide, plus more modern sound explorers like Pole, Oval, Glen Branca, Laurie Anderson, Ben Frost, Tim Hecker, the film scores of John Carpenter and movies like Gone Girl and It Follows.

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Soundescape Synthetica for Omnisphere 2 Soundescape Synthetica for Omnisphere 2
Synthetica for Omnisphere 2 is a soundset/sample library of 196 patches and 221 custom made soundsources recorded from various analog and digital synthesizers. It consists mostly of pads, but also playable textures, poly synths, bells and a few basses.

The soundsources have been processed through a wide variety of plug-ins from Universal Audio, FabFilter, Lexicon, SoundToys, ValhallaDSP, u-he, Native Instruments, Zynaptiq, iZotope and others.
Most of the soundsources have been processed specifically to sound good when played polyphonically, and the result is everything from complex, evolving waveforms to simple, basic building blocks.

Synthetica is a collection of highly expressive and musical patches with lots of motion. They are mainly geared towards ambient, electronica, soundtracks for films, games and TV productions, as well as intros, outros and breakdowns for electronic dance music – or any other genres of music that needs an atmospheric touch.

All patches have mod wheel assignments, and all patches and soundsources have been tagged with Omnisphere’s tagging system for easy access. All soundsources are seamlessly looped.
sound DUST UNTOPIA for Omnisphere 2 sound DUST UNTOPIA for Omnisphere 2
Welcome to UNTOPIA

200 patches and 80 specially devised new sound sources for Omnisphere 2

Untopia is born from a boisterous mix of influences. The darkly industrial but uplifting soundscapes created by Factory records producer Martin Hannett for Joy Division and A Certain Ratio are in there. So are the madly brilliant and brilliantly mad Christobal Tapia de Veer soundtracks for Utopia, National Treasure, the Girl with all the Gifts and Dirk Gently. All thrown around with a good measure of cosmic hippy wigout Terry Riley vibes, some Jon Hassell/Brian Eno Fourth World aesthetics and the grubby wonderment that makes Sound Dust, you know, Sound Dusty.

Expect strange disjointed and alluring voices, grainy strings, finely sculpted noisescapes, organic grit and grime, slurring mellotrons, drunken string machines, bent synths, amped keys turned to 11, low ebbing throbs and a healthy selection of other beatific cathedral of sound oddities.
Wags RFM Omnipatches Omnisphere Patches Wags RFM Omnipatches Omnisphere Patches
350 patches in the collection and was made with no external FX aside from those that are onboard Omnisphere itself. Only limiting was done to prevent clipping.

ILIO Pulsar Patches for Omnisphere 2.1 ILIO Pulsar Patches for Omnisphere 2.1
PULSAR is a collection of 121 patches for Omnisphere 2™ containing BPM-locked basses, synths, leads, pads, and FX with sounds ranging from aggressive to ethereal.

PULSAR is the latest Omnisphere 2 powerhouse patch collection from MIDIhead. As the name suggests, all of the 100+ sounds in PULSAR breathe with energetic, driving pulsations using Omnisphere 2’s extensive menu of Arpeggiators, LFOs, Envelopes, and Effects. These original patches transcend genre, providing rhythmic energy to electronic, ambient, pop, EDM and film music. Nearly all of the sounds are generated using Omnisphere 2’s DSP waveforms. Why shell out for a custom pulsing virtual instrument? Launch Omnisphere 2 and put your tracks in motion with PULSAR.

PULSAR focuses on the use of the modulation wheel AND aftertouch for fast, expressive, sound-altering control. Many patches are also optimized for use with The Orb, giving you even more real-time control on stage and in the studio.
Audiority Shimmer Sky for Omnisphere Audiority Shimmer Sky for Omnisphere
Shimmer Sky is a collection of warm, icy, spacey, ambient and shimmer pads.

Click on "UTILITY” menu and select "Install .omnisphere”
Select the ".omnisphere” soundbank and you are ready to play.

Shimmer Sky comes in multiple formats, although the main one is Omnisphere 2. The concept is to provide both LAYERS and MIX presets, to be stacked with more of your sounds or controlled with the Mod Wheel to gradually increase the shimmer layer.

Use the LAYER patches in a multi to create your own ambient and shimmer instruments.
Use the MIX patches to play the regular pad and engage the shimmer layer by using your Mod Wheel.
Set and use "User CC” (Omnisphere 2 only) to morph the pad layer into a rhythmic pulse.

100 Omnisphere 2.1.0e presets (+60 soundsources)

The Unfinished Omnisphere Bundle The Unfinished Omnisphere Bundle
The Omnisphere Bundle is a handy collection of all five Omnisphere soundsets: Horizon I, Horizon II, Horizon III, Horizon IV and Lost & Found.

This is a bundle of over 650 patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere aimed at dark cinematic underscore, ambient film scoring and deep electronica.

You can find out more about each individual soundset at their individual pages.

Omnisphere Bundle is available for 83.99.