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Gabriele Pieri - Connection EP [SE419] Gabriele Pieri - Connection EP [SE419]
Music / Techno 20-09-2017

Artist: Gabriele Pieri 
Title: Connection EP 
Genre: Techno
Label: Sound-Exhibitions-Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Gabriele Pieri - Connection (Original Mix)
Gabriele Pieri - Mentalist (Original Mix)
Gabriele Pieri - Time (Original Mix)

I Hate Models - State Of Control EP [MONNOM011] I Hate Models - State Of Control EP [MONNOM011]
Music / Techno 20-09-2017

Artist: I Hate Models
Title: State Of Control EP
Genre: Techno
Label: Monnom Black
Quality: 320 kbps

I Hate Models - Emerald (Original Mix)
I Hate Models - Last Kiss Before Death (Original Mix)
I Hate Models - She Said Fuck People I Have Drugs (Original Mix)
I Hate Models - State Of Control (Original Mix)

Eduardo Holzbrett, Alex Key - Sense Of Night [10126111] Eduardo Holzbrett, Alex Key - Sense Of Night [10126111]
Music / Techno 20-09-2017

Artist: Eduardo Holzbrett, Alex Key 
Title: Sense Of Night
Genre: Techno
Label: Sowa Audio
Quality: 320 kbps

Eduardo Holzbrett, Alex Key - Sense Of Night (Labor RMX)
Eduardo Holzbrett, Alex Key - Sense Of Night (Original Mix)
Eduardo Holzbrett, Alex Key - Sense Of Night (The Minimal Project RMX)

Gunjack - Santa Maria [UKE036] Gunjack - Santa Maria [UKE036]
Music / Techno 20-09-2017

Artist: Gunjack
Title: Santa Maria
Genre: Techno
Label: U.K Executes
Quality: 320 kbps

Gunjack - Random Axis Jack (Dr Cyanide Remix)
Gunjack - Random Axis Jack (Original Mix)
Gunjack - Random Axis Jack (The Preacher Remix)
Gunjack - Santa Maria (O. Lopez Beat Remix)
Gunjack - Santa Maria (Original Mix)
Meer - Yawm Alhissab, Rabbok Sayakouno Aadowok [VOIDANCE 001] Meer - Yawm Alhissab, Rabbok Sayakouno Aadowok [VOIDANCE 001]
Music / Techno 20-09-2017

Artist: Meer 
Title: Yawm Alhissab, Rabbok Sayakouno Aadowok
Genre: Techno
Label: Voidance
Quality: 320 kbps

Meer - Aindama Yahino Al Nar, Kolo Chayin Sawfa Yahtark (Nastika Remix)
Meer - Aindama Yahino Al Nar, Kolo Chayin Sawfa Yahtark (Original Mix)
Meer - Al Nasr Wa Al Hazima (Original Mix)
Meer - Rouhk Hia Sada Al Aadam (Original Mix)

Deepchord – Campfire [SOMA497D] Deepchord – Campfire [SOMA497D]
Music / Techno 20-09-2017

Title: Campfire
Label: Soma
Genre: Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Deepchord – Perfumes Of A Spring Mist (Original Mix) 5:52
Deepchord – Xpan (Original Mix) 7:21
Deepchord – Campfire (Original Mix) 11:46
VA - Further Memories [SCOM028] VA - Further Memories [SCOM028]
Music / Techno 20-09-2017

Artist: VA
Title: Further Memories
Genre: Techno
Label: Suara
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Tlak – Eggs (Original Mix) (6:12)
2. Uner – Walking To The Stars (DJ Hell & Moralez Remix) (7:15)
3. ARTBAT – Wall (Lauer Remix) (5:48)
4. Kiko, Citizen Kain – Sundays (James Welsh Remix) (6:05)
5. Fairmont – Trivial (Original Mix) (6:49)
6. Coyu, Bastian Bux – Satara (Original Mix) (7:31)
7. Several Definitions – Be (Andre Kronert Remix) (7:00)
8. Rob Cockerton, Mark Fanciulli – Voices In My Head (Mark Broom Remix) (5:59)
9. Ulm West Deep – Lights Out (Original Mix) (9:00)
10. Schmutz – Carp (Skudge Remix) (5:43)
11. Coyu – Raining Tears (Original Mix) (7:46)
12. Marascia – Ode to a Boy (Dark Side Mix) (7:10)
13. Him Self Her – Don’t Fail Me Now Feat. Calder (Dubspeeka Remix) (8:17)
14. Dimitri Nakov, Cari Golden, John Monkman – Don’t Stop Feat. Cari Golden (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) (7:39)
15. Giorgia Angiuli – Over the Clouds (Regal Remix) (6:42)
16. Dusty Kid – Feelers (Original Mix) (6:26)
17. Dast (Italy) – Celestial (Original Mix) (7:03)
18. Fran Von Vie – Don’t Let Me Fall (Thomas Schumacher Remix) (6:14)
19. Hobo – Whiptrack (Charles Fenckler Interpretation) (7:11)
20. Charlotte de Witte – Varpulis (Original Mix) (7:17)
G-Man, Francesco Bonora – Ikarus E.P. [3120032] G-Man, Francesco Bonora – Ikarus E.P. [3120032]
Music / Techno 20-09-2017

Artist: G-Man, Francesco Bonora
Title: Ikarus E.P
Label: Thirtyonetwenty
Quality: 320 kbps

G-Man, Francesco Bonora – Ikarus (Original Mix) 6:29 /132bpm/ Bmin
G-Man, Francesco Bonora – Labyrynth (Original Mix) 7:24 /128bpm/ Dmin
G-Man, Francesco Bonora – Syrinx (Original Mix) 6:34 /130bpm/ A#min
nthng – Turn to Gaia [125DSR nthng – Turn to Gaia [125DSR
Music / Techno 20-09-2017

Title: Turn to Gaia
Label: Delsin
Genre: Techno
Date: 00-09-2017
Quality: 320 kbps

nthng – Oralage
nthng – A Souls Search
nthng – Turn To Gaia

Special Request – Curtain Twitcher [HTH081D] Special Request – Curtain Twitcher [HTH081D]
Music / Techno 20-09-2017

Artist: Special Request
Title: Curtain Twitcher
Label: Houndstooth
Genre: Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Special Request – Curtain Twitcher (Original Mix) 5:23
Special Request –  Emutraxx (Original Mix) 4:40
Special Request – Curtain Twitcher (Nosey Parker Mix) 4:44
Special Request –  No Phone Calls (Original Mix) 6:46
Special Request – Real (Peder Mannerfelt Remix) 5:21

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From the mid-1990s, Techno just exploded the World. Raves were all over the place, new groups in this direction were created. Among them, we can note the following: Carl Cox, Oxia, Jay Lumen, Adam Beyer and many others performers. You can find the best Techno Music in MP3 format and other Techno performers on our resource. Stay tuned for our catalogue, and we will make for you TOP of Techno Music performers that will please you with energetic beats.

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