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Stylo - Got Mine EP [TM066] Stylo - Got Mine EP [TM066]
Techno / Progressive House 26-01-2020

Artist: Stylo
Title: Got Mine EP
Genre: Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno
Label: Timeless Moment
Quality: 320 kbps

Stylo - Got Mine (Original Mix)
Stylo - Got Mine (Jos & Eli Remix)
Dave Seaman - Donkey Engine [SEL112] Dave Seaman - Donkey Engine [SEL112]

Artist: Dave Seaman
Title: Donkey Engine
Genre: Indie Dance, Afro House, Melodic House & Techno
Label: Selador
Quality: 320 kbps

Dave Seaman - Donkey Engine (Original Mix) 8:20
Dave Seaman - Donkey Engine (Doctor Dru Remix) 5:34
Dave Seaman - Donkey Engine (Magdalena Remix) 7:09
Dave Seaman - Donkey Engine (Stereo MC's Remix) 7:44
Dennis Siemion - Sunshine Child [BLRMBLACK013] Dennis Siemion - Sunshine Child [BLRMBLACK013]
Music / Techno 26-01-2020

Artist: Dennis Siemion
Title: Sunshine Child
Genre: Techno
Label: Ballroom Black
Quality: 320 kbps

Dennis Siemion - Sunshine Child (Original Mix)
Dennis Siemion - Sunshine Child (Robert Babicz Remix)
Dennis Siemion - Special Force (Original Mix)
Dennis Siemion - Special Force (Heerhorst Remix)
VA - Go Deeva Classy Dj's Exclusive Vol.2 (Tulum Edition 2020) [GDC027] [FLAC] VA - Go Deeva Classy Dj's Exclusive Vol.2 (Tulum Edition 2020) [GDC027] [FLAC]
Music / Techno 26-01-2020

Artist: VA
Title: Go Deeva Classy Dj's Exclusive Vol.2 (Tulum Edition 2020)
Genre: Afro House, Melodic House & Techno
Label: Go Deeva Records
Quality: FLAC

Simone Vitullo, Do Santos - Que Ritmo (Simone Vitullo Revisited Mix 2020) 06:17 122bpm Amin
Yamil, Stefano Crabuzza - Ain't No Sunshine (Original Mix) 06:04 121bpm Amin
Massimo Lippoli - Dougne Te Soye (Simone Vitullo Remix) 07:05 123bpm F#min
Marco Berto, A.R.U.N. - Garemano (Original Mix) 07:09 122bpm Gmaj
Alex Fogo - Inca (Original Mix) 07:52 120bpm Emaj
LevK, HUNA - Jazz Ass (Original Mix) 06:59 120bpm Bmin
Fabricio Pecanha, Juliano Machado - Hey Girl (Original Mix) 06:42 124bpm Cmin
Blantyre - Ebla (Original Mix) 08:36 120bpm Cmaj
Kinree - Octo (Original Mix) 06:13 124bpm Fmaj
LevK - Adagio Connection (Original Mix) 08:01 120bpm Cmaj
VA - Electronic Elements 2020 Extended Versions [ARDI4191] [FLAC] VA - Electronic Elements 2020 Extended Versions [ARDI4191] [FLAC]

Artist: VA
Title: Electronic Elements 2020 Extended Versions
Genre: Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, Techno, Dance, Indie Dance
Label: Armada Electronic Elements
Quality: FLAC

Âme - The Line feat. Matthew Herbert (Solomun Extended Remix - Kristian's Vote) 07:28 120bpm D#min
Maxim Lany - Coming (Extended Mix) 03:40 123bpm Emaj
Miss Kittin, ANNA - Forever Ravers (Extended Mix) 06:00 129bpm Amin
Eelke Kleijn - De Orde Van De Nacht (Part 2) (Raxon Extended Remix) 07:13 124bpm Amaj
Rodriguez Jr. - Malecón Azul (Extended Mix) 07:16 124bpm Cmin
Lane 8 - Sunday Song (Extended Mix) 04:29 ╳bpm D#maj
Frank Wiedemann, Roman Flugel - Tears On The Dancefloor (Extended Mix) 05:59 124bpm Cmin
Cubicolor - No Dancers (Adam Port Extended Remix) 06:45 120bpm F#min
Kidnap, Leo Stannard - Grow feat. Leo Stannard (Kidnap Extended Dub) 04:54 121bpm Fmaj
Robert Babicz, Gui Boratto - Human (Extended Mix) 06:07 122bpm Amaj
Hunter/Game - Silver (Silence Live Mix) 06:40 127bpm F#min
Tensnake, Chenai - Rules feat. Chenai (Extended Mix) 04:56 117bpm Emin
Denis Horvat - Fragmental (Extended Mix) 06:45 119bpm Amin
Malou, Nils Hoffmann, Ben Bohmer - Breathing (Extended Mix) 06:20 122bpm Bmin
Sandrino, Frankey & Sandrino, Frankey - Mercury (Extended Mix) 08:44 120bpm D#maj
Yotto - Hear Me Out feat. SØNIN, Laudic (Anja Schneider Extended Remix) 06:32 128bpm Gmin
Jonas Saalbach - Intangible (Extended Mix) 05:57 121bpm F#min
Tinlicker - Need You feat. Thomas Oliver (Extended Mix) 06:57 123bpm Cmaj
Weval - Same Little Thing (Michael Mayer Extended Remix) 07:25 119bpm 
Joe Smooth - Promised Land (Groove Armada Extended Remix) 07:10 126bpm F#min
Durante, Enamour - Taos Hum (Extended Mix) 04:25 126bpm A#maj
Jimi Jules - My Father Was A Master (Extended Mix) 07:23 123bpm 
Eli & Fur - Into The Night (Extended Mix) 06:51 122bpm Cmin
Gundamea - Sweet Disposition feat. Andy Ruddy (Extended Mix) 07:28 125bpm Bmin
Martin Roth - Wabi Sabi (Extended Mix) 06:01 118bpm A#maj
Fur Coat - Ethereal (Extended Mix) 07:58 124bpm Dmin
Erly Tepshi - Made In Abyss (Extended Mix) 06:25 124bpm F#min
Toto Chiavetta - Metrica (Extended Mix) 06:36 119bpm D#maj
AfterU - Dushanbe (Extended Mix) 07:18 122bpm Cmaj
Marsh - 1992 (Extended Mix) 07:21 122bpm Bmin
Anderholm - Fractures feat. Alexandra Pride (Extended Mix) 04:22 122bpm Emin
Stereoclip - Redemption (Extended Mix) 05:28 120bpm Amin
Avoure - Ray (Extended Mix) 06:54 122bpm F#min
M.E.M.O., Doctor Dru - Barial (Extended Mix) 06:58 120bpm Gmaj
VovaWave - When The Spell Is Broken (Extended Mix) 08:05 bpm 
Horisone - Endless Words (Extended Mix) 06:15 bpm 
Stylo, AfterU - HeartBeat (Extended Mix) 07:02 122bpm Fmin
Artche - As We Cry (Extended Mix) 06:56 121bpm A#min
Âme - Transmoderna feat. Mathew Jonson (Extended Mix) 07:06 122bpm Cmin
Pablo Nouvelle - Prelude feat. Lovelle (Original Mix) 02:31 120bpm C#min
VA - Construction Tools Vol I, II & III [BERGAMON10] [FLAC] VA - Construction Tools Vol I, II & III [BERGAMON10] [FLAC]
Techno / Minimal 26-01-2020

Artist: VA
Title: Construction Tools Vol I, II & III
Genre: Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Unnamed & Unknown
Quality: FLAC

iO (Mulen) - At Seventeen (Original Mix) 07:12 129bpm Cm
Chris Stussy - Betasonix (Original Mix) 06:22 126bpm Fm
Pavel Iudin - Research (Original Mix) 06:28 129bpm E
Andre Kronert - Revelation (Original Mix) 07:13 124bpm Dm
DJOKO - Lazarus (Original Mix) 05:34 127bpm A#m
Priku - Monoton (Original Mix) 07:39 126bpm C
Traumer - Citron (Original Mix) 06:21 126bpm Bm
Mihai Popoviciu - Mount Gnom (Original Mix) 06:55 125bpm D#m
Per Hammar, Malin Genie - Central Dubb (Original Mix) 07:03 128bpm F
Silverlining - Douse (Original Mix) 06:26 126bpm Cm
Nikita SISOV, Gus Dee - Don't Forget Da Slipperz (Original Mix) 06:54 130bpm Gm
Havantepe - Momentary (Original Mix) 06:41 126bpm Cm
Dsum – Stone Chords [ISSUE03] Dsum – Stone Chords [ISSUE03]
Music / Techno 25-01-2020

Artist: Dsum
Title: Stone Chords
Genre: Techno
Label: Play Function Issues
Quality: 320 kbps

Dsum – Salting the Earth (Original Mix) (6:11)
Dsum – Stone Chords (Original Mix) (8:52)
A*S*Y*S – No Tech – Top Ten Charts A*S*Y*S – No Tech – Top Ten Charts
Music / Techno 25-01-2020

Artist: VA
Title: A*S*Y*S – No Tech – Top Ten Charts
Genre: Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

A*S*Y*S – No Tech (Original Mix) (6:16)
ANNA – High Contrast (Original Mix) (7:14)
Thomas Schumacher – Feist (Original Mix) (7:06)
A*S*Y*S – Helium (Original Mix) (6:01)
Mark Michael – Solar Storm (Original Mix) (7:03)
A*S*Y*S, T78 – Ac/Id (Original Mix) (7:18)
A*S*Y*S & Dominik Schwarz – Dark Light (Original Mix) (7:45)
Dok & Martin – Feeling of Glory (T78 Remix) (6:55)
Sisko Electrofanatik, Dino Maggiorana – Desolate (Original Mix) (8:12)
Alberto Ruiz – Tentaculo (Jam El Mar Remix) (6:23)
Tech House / Techno / Minimal / House / Dj Charts 25-01-2020

Artist: VA
Title: Sorley DIRTY DIALOGUE Chart
Genre: Tech House, Melodic House & Techno, House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Quality: 320 kbps

Sorley – Dirty Dialogue (Original Mix) (6:37)
Noir – Wait (Original Mix) (6:50)
Sorley – Sniped (Original Mix) (6:07)
Toochi (SA) – Keep On (Original Mix) (6:51)
Sorley – Electric Finesse (Original Mix) (6:40)
Reblok – Fire (Extended Mix) (5:33)
Harry Romero, Joeski – Sex Poem (Extended Mix) (5:53)
Giacomo De Falco – In The Evening (Original Mix) (7:01)
Danny Howells – Mallets (Original Mix) (8:08)
Superlover – Piano Pump (Original Mix) (7:13)
Justin Martin What To Do… Chart Justin Martin What To Do… Chart
Tech House / Techno / House / Dj Charts 25-01-2020

Artist: VA
Title: Justin Martin What To Do… Chart
Genre: Dance, Tech House, House, Techno, Drum & Bass, Breaks
Quality: 320 kbps

Justin Martin – Needs (Original Mix) (5:57)
Smash TV – Bubblebath (Original Mix) (7:16)
Brame & Hamo, Anthony Acid – Its Time To (Original Mix) (5:53)
Ardalan, Claire George – Osci (Original Mix) (5:25)
Aaron Childs – Every Single 1 (Walker & Royce Remix) (5:51)
RÜFÜS DU SOL – Lost in My Mind (Justin Martin Dub Edit) (6:32)
NiQW – Tribal Tool (Original Mix) (6:26)
NiQW – Where Am I (Original Mix) (6:17)
Monty – Quest (Original Mix) (5:16)
Dezza – Apparition (Monrroe Remix) (3:43)

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