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Luke Hess - Adventures In Deep Space [ECHOCORDCOLOUR032] Luke Hess - Adventures In Deep Space [ECHOCORDCOLOUR032]
Music / Techno 8-11-2015

Artist: Luke Hess 
Title: Adventures In Deep Space 
Genre: Techno
Label: Echocord Colour
Quality: 320 kbps

Luke Hess – Crate Diggin On Planet Omnom (Original Mix) 
Luke Hess – Gravitational Effects (Original Mix) 
Luke Hess – Pillars of Creation (Original Mix)

Alex Niggemann - Divergent [AEON018] Alex Niggemann - Divergent [AEON018]
Music / Techno 7-11-2015

Artist: Alex Niggemann 
Title: Divergent
Genre: Aeon
Label: Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Alex Nigermann – Divergent (Original Mix)
Alex Nigermann – Luminance (Original Mix)

Dr. Alfred - Tibet [MIR036] Dr. Alfred - Tibet [MIR036]
Tech House / Techno 7-11-2015

Artist: Dr. Alfred 
Title: Tibet
Genre: Tech House / Techno
Label: Monza Ibiza Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Dr. Alfred – Tibet (Guti Legatto Remix) 
Dr. Alfred – Tibet (Mano Tiro Om Remix) 
Dr. Alfred – Tibet (Okabi Remix) 
Dr. Alfred – Tibet (Original Mix) 
Dr. Alfred – Tibet (Rudosa’s Terrace Remix) 
Dr. Alfred – Tibet (Table Remix) 

Mario Corona - I Feel So Far So Good EP [HBT070] Mario Corona - I Feel So Far So Good EP [HBT070]
Music / Techno 7-11-2015

Artist: Mario Corona 
Title: I Feel So Far So Good EP 
Genre: Techno
Label: Habitat
Quality: 320 kbps

Mario Corona – Afraid To Water (Original Mix)
Mario Corona – Bad Life (Original Mix) 
Mario Corona – Friendly Interaction (Original Mix)
Mario Corona – I Feel So Far So Good (Original Mix) 
Mario Corona – Mad House (2015 Remix) 

VA - Monster Goes to ADE [SPM013] VA - Monster Goes to ADE [SPM013]
Deep House / Techno 7-11-2015

Artist: VA
Title: Monster Goes to ADE
Genre: Techno / Deep House
Label: Spaghetti Monster 
Quality: 320 kbps

Aman Anand – Chameleon (Original Mix) 
Boronas – Desert Illusions (Original Mix) 
Ellroy – Kairos (Original Mix)
George X, Dio S – Lost in the East (Original Mix) 
Jelly For The Babies, Marc Pollen – In for the Kill (Original Mix) 
Queemose, Miinuetto – Moonlight (Original Mix)
Robot Needs Oil – Far Away (Original Mix) 
Tuxedo, Monojoke – Blue Lagoon (Original Mix)
Whowhat – The Horsehead Nebula (Original Mix) 

Rennie Foster - Bansuri Coast [RF030] Rennie Foster - Bansuri Coast [RF030]
Music / Techno 7-11-2015

Artist: Rennie Foster 
Title: Bansuri Coast
Genre: Techno
Label: RF
Quality: 320 kbps

Rennie Foster – Bansuri Coast (Carlos Nilmmns Paris Metro Remix) 
Rennie Foster – Bansuri Coast (Original Mix) 
Rennie Foster – Bansuri Coast (Someone Else Remix) 
Rennie Foster – Lament Spécifique (Original Mix)

Danilo De Santo - Master [GT031115] Danilo De Santo - Master [GT031115]
Tech House / Techno 7-11-2015

Artist: Danilo De Santo
Title: Master 
Genre: Tech House / Techno
Label: GT Muzike 
Quality: 320 kbps

Danilo De Santo – Master (Original Mix) 
Danilo De Santo – Master (Toni Alvarez Remix)
Danilo De Santo – Master (Varo Remix) 
Alexey Lisin - Dirty [OBO016] Alexey Lisin - Dirty [OBO016]
Techno / House 7-11-2015

Artist: Alexey Lisin 
Title: Dirty 
Genre: Techno / House 
Quality: 320 kbps

Alexey Lisin – Dirty (Alexander Harris Remix)
Alexey Lisin – Dirty (Original Mix) 

Lino & Manu - Night Owls [WIL006] Lino & Manu - Night Owls [WIL006]
Music / Techno 7-11-2015

Artist: Lino & Manu 
Title: Night Owls 
Genre: Techno
Label: Wave Impact Label
Quality: 320 kbps

Lino & Manu – Early Birds (Andrea Caioni Remix) 
Lino & Manu – Early Birds (Original Mix) 
Lino & Manu – Morning People (Original Mix) 
Lino & Manu – Night Owls (Original Mix) 

DrumBeat - We Are Techno EP [TIHA0052] DrumBeat - We Are Techno EP [TIHA0052]
Music / Techno 7-11-2015

Artist: DrumBeat 
Title: We Are Techno EP 
Genre: Techno
Label: This Is Hot Audio
Quality: 320 kbps

DrumBeat – We Are Techno (IDR3N Remix) 
DrumBeat – We Are Techno (Luca M Remix) 
DrumBeat – We Are Techno (Mr Wox Remix) 
DrumBeat – We Are Techno (Original Mix)

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Techno is, in its own way, unique genre of dance music, which gave momentum to the development of practically the whole Electronic Music industry. Techno gave to the World new impetus, new trend, opened the whole foothold for Electronic Music development and took it to a new level. Probably, for that reason, the style gathers momentum after 30 years (Techno arose in the USA, in the first half of the 80s).

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Speaking of popular performers, we should mention the Three that gave life to Techno Music. We are talking about Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson. Their initial goal was to create music in German Electronic style, but making it more dancing, due to fast tempo and multiple repetitions. In other words, it is the merger of Electro, House and Synth-pop.

From the mid-1990s, Techno just exploded the World. Raves were all over the place, new groups in this direction were created. Among them, we can note the following: Carl Cox, Oxia, Jay Lumen, Adam Beyer and many others performers. You can find the best Techno Music in MP3 format and other Techno performers on our resource. Stay tuned for our catalogue, and we will make for you TOP of Techno Music performers that will please you with energetic beats.

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