Tech house music

Michael Bibi - Boomin [LR064] [WAV] Michael Bibi - Boomin [LR064] [WAV]
Music / Tech House 12-07-2018

Artist: Michael Bibi
Title: Boomin
Genre: Tech House
Label: Lost Records
Quality: WAV

Michael Bibi – Boomin (Original Mix) (06:24)
Kamara - Wasp [DET069] Kamara - Wasp [DET069]
Music / Tech House 12-07-2018

Artist: Kamara
Title: Wasp
Genre: Tech House
Label: Detone
Quality: 320 Kbps

Kamara – From Room to Room (Original Mix) (07:20)
Kamara – Wasp (Original Mix) (05:47)
CASSIMM - On My Mind [GU356] CASSIMM - On My Mind [GU356]
Music / Tech House 12-07-2018

Title: On My Mind
Genre: Tech House
Label: Glasgow Underground
Quality: 320 kbps

CASSIMM - On My Mind (Original Mix)
Bobby Harvey - Dont Stop The Music [SLEAZYT013] Bobby Harvey - Dont Stop The Music [SLEAZYT013]
Music / Tech House 12-07-2018

Artist: Bobby Harvey
Title: Dont Stop The Music
Genre: Tech House
Label: Sleazy Deep
Quality: 320 kbps

Bobby Harvey - Dont Stop The Music (Original Mix)
Bobby Harvey - Te Amo (Jimmy Switch Remix)
Bobby Harvey - Te Amo (Original Mix)
Boran Ece - Driven [CAT217027] Boran Ece - Driven [CAT217027]
Music / Tech House 12-07-2018

Artist: Boran Ece
Title: Driven
Genre: Tech House
Label: Lemon Juice Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Boran Ece - Driven (Original Mix)
Cocodrills - Battle Rap [BFR033] Cocodrills - Battle Rap [BFR033]
Music / Tech House 12-07-2018

Artist: Cocodrills
Title: Battle Rap
Genre: Tech House
Label: Blackflag Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Cocodrills - Bad Boi (Original Mix)
Cocodrills - Battle Rap (Original Mix)
Cocodrills - Battle Rap (Paco Osuna Remix)
Cocodrills - Chemical Reaction (Original Mix)
Grant Collins – Indigenous – EP [YOV012] Grant Collins – Indigenous – EP [YOV012]
Music / Tech House 11-07-2018

Artist: Grant Collins
Title: Indigenous – EP
Genre: Tech House
Label: Yoversion Records
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Grant Collins – Let Me Tell You (Original Mix) (6:14)
2. Grant Collins – Indigenous (Original Mix) (6:44)
3. Grant Collins – Indigenous (Gc Edit) (6:44)
4. Grant Collins – Like This (Original Mix) (6:10)

Wax Worx – Smokin Funk EP [VIVALTD082] Wax Worx – Smokin Funk EP [VIVALTD082]
Music / Tech House 11-07-2018

Artist: Wax Worx
Title: Smokin Funk EP
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Wax Worx – This, That (Original Mix) (6:50)
2. Wax Worx – Smokin Funk (Original Mix) (6:10)
3. Wax Worx – High Fly (Original Mix) (5:51)
4. Wax Worx – High Fly (Kinnerman Remix) (6:07)
Rick Sanders, Larry Cadge – Resaca [SFN212] Rick Sanders, Larry Cadge – Resaca [SFN212]
Music / Tech House 11-07-2018

Artist: Rick Sanders, Larry Cadge
Title: Resaca
Genre: Tech House
Label: Smiley Fingers
Quality: 320 kbps

Rick Sanders, Larry Cadge – Resaca (Original Mix) (6:34)

VA - Shake In Da House [SHK030] VA - Shake In Da House [SHK030]
Tech House / Minimal 11-07-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Shake In Da House
Genre: Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Shake Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Rone White, Alessandro Diruggiero – Laiden Square (Original Mix) 07:09
Andrea Albani – Don’t Stop (Original Mix) 07:04
Andydy, Luca M – Tape (Luca M Remix) 06:22
Poor Pay Rich – Pro Public (Original Mix) 06:32
Hart & Neenan – Nation (Original Mix) 06:00
Hassio (COL) – Dont Be (Original Mix) 06:26
Alex Wellmann, Designerz – Fingers Crossed (Designerz Remix) 06:14
Angel L – You There (Original Mix) 08:15
Giuseppe Favia – 1975 (Original Mix) 06:00
Anto Ariano, Israel Kling – Saturn Groove (Israel Kling Remix) 07:32
Kemp&Thompson – Karateka (Original Mix) 06:19
Joe Vanditti, Neshga, Ben Teufel – Burn (Ben Teufel Remix) 07:19
MarcoA. – Not For You (David Museen, Erik Christiansen Remix) 06:00
Mario Donoso – Mystery (Original Mix) 07:21
MOVE IT, Francis White – Flash Mode (Francis White Remix) 07:13
Nukem – Mr President (Original Mix) 06:39 121bpm
Crevice – Got That (Original Mix) 06:18
Giuseppe Martini, Greck B – One Of Those Nights (Original Mix) 07:01
Rhoowax – Martini (Original Mix) 06:45
John Dude – Get In (Original Mix) 07:12
Matt Gray (UK) – Flutey Tunes (Original Mix) 06:02
Antony PL, Paul S – Universal Language (Original Mix) 05:36 123bpm
The Boombox – Hurry Up (Original Mix) 06:15
Tomi Castello – Like This (Original Mix) 07:48
DJ Lowell – Black Night (Original Mix) 06:53
Eyko – Al Trapone (Original Mix) 06:46
Nicolas Favia – On My Neck (Original Mix) 06:32
Toni alvarez, Jose Del Barrio – Mental Disorder (Lutzenkirchen Remix) 06:21
Vito Riuti, Carlos A, Oliver-K – Titan (Carlos A, Oliver-K Remix) 07:17
James Meid – Like That (Original Mix) 07:17
Hassio (COL) – Miss Brook (Original Mix) 06:22
Ferdinando Gifuni – Analog Session (Original Mix) 04:45
Julio Corrales – Leaders On (Original Mix) 06:22
NILL Papa – Like The Boss (Original Mix) 08:21
Angelo Raguso, FAW9, West Minds – Feel The Power (Original Mix) 09:10

The best new Tech House tracks in mp3

There is a huge choice of music in the modern world. Each of the many genres has dozens of subgenres. Just like rock has the pop rock, indie rock, punk rock and other subgenres, the well-liked electronic music has several subgenres too. One of these subgenres is very popular today. It is Tech House. The growing popularity of this subgenre can be explained easily. The music is very rhythmic and dancing and the repeated lyrics are easy to memorize. Such music is perfect for clubs and noisy parties. That is why its fans are mostly young people. There are many popular Tech House performers and each of them contributes to the genre.
  1. Maya Jane Coles - a girl from Britain, who blew up the world of electronic music and topped the charts with her original and unusual tracks at the age of 23.
  2. No less popular performers is a duet from Austria called Klangkarussell founded in 2011. The guys play electronic dance music.
  3. We have more talents to mention. Julien Chaptals mind-blowing tracks are meant to be played in clubs. One of his most popular tracks is Damiens Joint.
Tech House can be easily found on the specialized websites. You can also find it here, on our website. Here you can easily download the tracks you like.