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Andrew Willow - Freak - Single [LLR 015] Andrew Willow - Freak - Single [LLR 015]
Music / Progressive House 12-01-2016

Artist: Andrew Willow 
Title: Freak - Single
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Loud & Lucky Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Andrew Willow - Freak (Radio Edit)

Autograf – Metaphysical Remixes [COUNTDNL073B] Autograf – Metaphysical Remixes [COUNTDNL073B]

Artist: Autograf 
Title: Metaphysical Remixes
Genre: Progressive House / Tech House
Label: Counter Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Autograf – Metaphysical (Fehrplay Remix) 
Autograf – Metaphysical (Teenage Mutants Remix) 

Orsen - Komorebi [SB082] Orsen - Komorebi [SB082]

Artist: Orsen 
Title: Komorebi
Genre: Techno / Progressive House
Label: Sudbeat Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Orsen - Komorebi (Original Mix) 
Orsen - Doves (Original Mix) 
Orsen - Fade (Original Mix) 
Orsen - Tourist (Original Mix) 
Orsen - Organisms (Original Mix)
SEQU3L - Euriska / Infatuation [MOVD0116] SEQU3L - Euriska / Infatuation [MOVD0116]

Artist: SEQU3L 
Title: Euriska / Infatuation
Genre: Techno / Progressive House
Label: Movement Recordings 
Quality: 320 kbps

SEQU3L - Euriska (Original Mix) 
SEQU3L - Infatuation (Original Mix) 
SEQU3L - Infatuation (Diogo Ribeiro Remix)
Similian - Landen [MYC332] Similian - Landen [MYC332]

Artist: Similian 
Title: Landen
Genre: Deep House / Progressive House
Label: Mystic Carousel Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Similian - Landen (Original Mix) 
Similian - Landen (Vla DSound Remix) 
Similian - Saw (Original Mix) 
Similian - Saw (Lucas Tesselhoff Remix)
Roddy Reynaert - Monarch [IFR015] Roddy Reynaert - Monarch [IFR015]

Artist: Roddy Reynaert 
Title: Monarch
Genre: Tech House / Progressive House 
Label: Ifonika Recordings 
Quality: 320 kbps

Roddy Reynaert - The Box (Original Mix) 
Roddy Reynaert - Rescue In A Blue Cave (Original Mix)
MacRamsey - Loneliness [THR048] MacRamsey - Loneliness [THR048]

Artist: MacRamsey 
Title: Loneliness 
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco / Progressive House
Label: Tiefhaus Records
Quality: 320 kbps

MacRamsey - Loneliness (Original Mix) 
MacRamsey - Loneliness (Grisha Gerrus Remix) 
MacRamsey - Loneliness (Michael Hokanson Remix)

Mitra Dailet - Shape Into A Ball [MR006] Mitra Dailet - Shape Into A Ball [MR006]

Artist: Mitra Dailet 
Title: Shape Into A Ball
Genre: Deep House / Progressive House
Label: Mitdail Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Mitra Dailet - Shape Into A Ball (Original Mix) 
Mitra Dailet - Pathfinder (Original Mix) 
Mitra Dailet - Desert (Original Mix)

Platunoff - Arabian Night's (Part 2) [MYC324] Platunoff - Arabian Night's (Part 2) [MYC324]

Artist: Platunoff
Title: Arabian Night's 
Genre: Tech House / Progressive House
Label: Mystic Carousel Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Platunoff - Arabian Night's (Original Mix) 
Platunoff - Arabian Night's (Cetera Remix) 
Platunoff - Arabian Night's (Ewan Rill Remix) 
Platunoff - Arabian Night's (Sound Sour Remix)

Mike Hennessy - Delta Relay [ESM186] Mike Hennessy - Delta Relay [ESM186]

Artist: Mike Hennessy 
Title: Delta Relay
Genre: Deep House / Progressive House
Label: Elliptical Sun Melodies
Quality: 320 kbps

Mike Hennessy - Delta Relay (Original Mix) 
Mike Hennessy - Dakota (Original Mix) 
Mike Hennessy - Sparks And Diamonds (Original Mix)

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Progressive music is a term that can be used to describe an approach to music that can be applied to different genres. In the early 2000s, progressive music was most often used to describe the genres of electronic dance music and was used in Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal.

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The main philosophy of electronic dance music is to take one particular sound and then change it a little bit using synthesizers and sequencers. When used in a particular genre, the finished product is a sound that appears to move from one state to another. Progressive electronic genres are Techno, Trance and House. You can easily download dance progressive music fast and free of charge on our website. Progressive Rock performers often perform tracks so that the whole album becomes an uninterrupted musical “trip”. Each track can be divided into separate movements, and each movement has its name sometimes.