Nu disco & Indie Dance music

Avrosse - The Routine [AVRS 001] Avrosse - The Routine [AVRS 001]

Artist: Avrosse 
Title: The Routine
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: AVRS Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Avrosse - Fuck The Police (Original Mix)
Avrosse - The Routine (Original Mix)

Babert - Let's Do It [SSD103] Babert - Let's Do It [SSD103]

Artist: Babert
Title: Let's Do It
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: Solid State Disco
Quality: 320 kbps

Babert - Lets Do It (Original Mix)
Bluehost - Free Fire [SIL060] Bluehost - Free Fire [SIL060]

Artist: Bluehost
Title: Free Fire
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: Silhouette Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Bluehost - Free Fire (Original Mix)
Bluehost - Lunatic (Original Mix)
Bluehost, Jac The Disco - Free Fire (Jac The Disco Remix)
Bluehost, Swing Atoms - Free Fire (Swing Atoms Remix)
Bluehost, The Pushamann - Free Fire (The Pushamanns Rethink)
VA - Bella Mar 02 [EINMUSIKA053] VA - Bella Mar 02 [EINMUSIKA053]

Artist: VA
Title: Bella Mar 02
Genre: Deep House / House / Nu Disco / Tech House
Label: Einmusika Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Amanic – Dead on the Line (Original Mix)
2. Kamilo Sanclemente – Crystal Blue (Original Mix)
3. Martin Kremser – Black & White (Original Mix)
4. Mononoid – Repeat of Bliss (Original Mix)
5. Namito feat. Bastard Love – What I Want (Original Mix)
6. Nantais & Hazendonk – Drive a Wedge (Original Mix)
7. Oliver Schories – With Me (Original Mix)
8. Onno Ober – Burning the Walls (Original Mix)
9. Pauke Schaumburg – Ignored (Original Mix)
10. Philipp Kempnich – Veiled (Original Mix)
11. The Metropolis – Valeant (Original Mix)
12. Yannis PK – Eleven Moons (Original Mix)
VA - LouLou Records Sampler, Vol. 9 [LLR083] VA - LouLou Records Sampler, Vol. 9 [LLR083]

Artist: VA
Title: LouLou Records Sampler, Vol. 9
Genre: Nu Disco
Label: LouLou Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Allan Villar – Freak Like Me (Original Mix)
Marotto – Aham (Original Mix)
PMX Soundz – Romantic over the Path (Original Mix)
Vanilla Ace, Stonez – Sex Sells (Original Mix)

Bruno Marangoni - Feeling So Good EP [DW073] Bruno Marangoni - Feeling So Good EP [DW073]

Artist: Bruno Marangoni
Title: Feeling So Good EP
Genre: Nu Disco
Label: Da Way
Quality: 320 kbps

Bruno Marangoni - Feeling So Good (Original Mix)
Bruno Marangoni - Stacks (Original Mix)

Rivas (BR) - Groovin EP [CF004] Rivas (BR) - Groovin EP [CF004]

Artist: Rivas (BR)
Title: Groovin EP
Genre: House / Nu Disco 
Label: Candy Flip
Quality: 320 kbps

Rivas (BR) - Groovin’ (Original Mix)
Rivas (BR) - That Funk (Original Mix)

R.F.A - She Is Bold [BDM587] R.F.A - She Is Bold [BDM587]

Artist: R.F.A 
Title: She Is Bold
Genre: Nu Disco 
Label: Bedroom Muzik
Quality: 320 kbps

R.F.A - Love’s Zombie (Original Mix)
R.F.A – She Is Bold (Original Mix)

Kasey Kaotto - Sand & Sunstroke EP [MNR030] Kasey Kaotto - Sand & Sunstroke EP [MNR030]

Artist: Kasey Kaotto 
Title: Sand & Sunstroke EP
Genre: Nu Disco / House
Label: Monotonik Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Kasey Kaotto - Sand & Sunstroke (303Bastard Remix) 
Kasey Kaotto - Sand & Sunstroke (Original Mix) 
Woolfy & Projections - Stations [PERMVAC1342] Woolfy & Projections - Stations [PERMVAC1342]

Artist: Woolfy & Projections 
Title: Stations 
Genre: Electronic / Nu Disco
Label: Permanent Vacation
Quality: 320 kbps

Woolfy & Projections - Jackie 
Woolfy & Projections - Chances Are
Woolfy & Projections - Missing You 
Woolfy & Projections - My Room 
Woolfy & Projections - Set It Up 
Woolfy & Projections - Combination
Woolfy & Projections - Walkaway 
Woolfy & Projections - Tangiers 
Woolfy & Projections - Who 
Woolfy & Projections - The Bright Light of the Truth
Woolfy & Projections - Stations 

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The genre of Nu Disco is relatively young. It originated in the XXI century. This genre of electronic music appeared thanks to nostalgia for the lively disco hits of the 70s and 80s, the Italian disco of the mid-80s and the synthed music of the 90s. Nu Disco tracks have synthetic sounds similar to live guitar and piano music, sounds of trumpet and saxophone. This genre is the most popular in Europe and Australia.

You can download Indie Dance & Nu Disco tracks in mp3 on our website. The best free Indie Dance tracks are available here.

Indie Dance is played all over the world and is represented by many performers. Here are some of the best of them:

  1. Breakbot was born in 1981 in the France. His real name is Thibaut Jean-Marie Michel Berland. He is a French DJ and producer.
  2. Andhim – a band members are Simon², Тобиас Маллер. They perform electronic music.