Minimal music

Guti Legatto, Shawn Jackson – TEFLON EP [TRES14319] Guti Legatto, Shawn Jackson – TEFLON EP [TRES14319]
Music / Minimal 16-05-2019

Artist: Guti Legatto, Shawn Jackson
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Tres 14 Music
Quality: 320kbps

Guti Legatto, Shawn Jackson – Teflon (Alex Sounds, Alex Gamez Remix) 7:04 /120bpm/ Amin
Guti Legatto, Shawn Jackson – Teflon (Joseph Mancino Remix) 6:38 /123bpm/ A#min
Guti Legatto, Shawn Jackson – Teflon (Kassier Remix) 6:19 /123bpm/ Amin
Guti Legatto, Shawn Jackson – Teflon (Original Mix) 6:54 /122bpm/ Amaj
Suinyl – Dramatic Story [SBL060] Suinyl – Dramatic Story [SBL060]
Music / Minimal 16-05-2019

Artist: Suinyl
Title: Dramatic Story
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Soblazn Music
Quality: 320kbps

Suinyl – Conversing With Me (Original Mix) 8:08 /127bpm/ Bmin
Suinyl – Dramatic Story (Original Mix) 7:42 /126bpm/ Amin
Suinyl – Point Of View (Original Mix) 8:22 /128bpm/ Amin
Suinyl – Sovelax (Original Mix) 8:34 /128bpm/ Amin

James Dexter, Frink – Gone [CYC88] James Dexter, Frink – Gone [CYC88]
Music / Minimal 15-05-2019

Artist: James Dexter, Frink
Title: Gone
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Cyclic Records
Quality: 320 kbps

James Dexter, Frink – Gone (Original Mix) (6:42)
James Dexter, Frink – Something To Say (Original Mix) (6:59)
James Dexter, Frink – Believe (Original Mix) (7:45)
Milos Pesovic – Pool of Emotions [CPL184] Milos Pesovic – Pool of Emotions [CPL184]
Music / Minimal 15-05-2019

Artist: Milos Pesovic
Title: Pool of Emotions
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Conceptual
Quality: 320 kbps

Milos Pesovic – Twister (Original Mix) (7:36)
Milos Pesovic – Bilateral (Original Mix) (6:45)
Milos Pesovic – Pool of Emotions (Original Mix) (6:49)

Artist: VA
Genre: Techno, Afro House, House, Deep House, Tech House, Melodic House & Techno, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Minimal / Deep Tech, Leftfield Bass
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Locked Groove – Soma (Carltoon Doom Remix) (5:57)
2. Radio Slave – Ground Control (Original Mix) (11:26)
4. Sacha Robotti – Restore (Original Mix) (7:30)
5. Super Flu – Really Really (Original Mix) (7:24)
6. Martin Ikin – Serious Talk (Original Mix) (6:24)
7. RENKO. – Drips (Original Mix) (6:22)
8. youANDme – Put It Back (Original Mix) (6:34)
9. Black Mami – Pop Parade (Original Mix) (7:20)
10. Monika Kruse, Timmo – Violet (Original Mix) (7:43)
11. WhoMadeWho, Ruede Hagelstein – Violently Happy (Original Mix) (7:09)
12. Tibi Dabo – Nowhere Beach (Original Mix) (8:44)
13. Loco & Jam – We Came We Raved (Original Mix) (8:30)
14. Wax Wings – Falling (Marc Houle Remix) (5:50)
15. Milo Spykers – Observable 93 (Original Mix) (5:13)
16. Dakar – Hold Fast (Original Mix) (6:04)
17. Reece Johnson – Is It Too Late (Original Mix) (6:43)
18. Ignacio Arfeli, I Am Bam – Hypnosis (Original Mix) (6:36)
19. Sante Sansone – Groovy Way (Original Mix) (5:41)
20. Nick Muir, John Digweed – Satellite (Oxia Remix) (6:27)
Monetic - Sanpo [DP125] Monetic - Sanpo [DP125]
Music / Minimal 15-05-2019

Artist: Monetic
Title: Sanpo
Genre: Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: DPE
Quality: 320 kbps

Monetic - Sanpo (Original Mix) 5:12
Monetic - SUBV (Original Mix) 6:46

Artist: VA
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Tech House, Techno, House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Dj Chart
Quality: 320 kbps

Black Strobe – Italian FireFlies (Richy Ahmed & Corey Baker Remix) [Blackstrobe Records]
Dalfie – Snake Eyes [D-FLOOR MUSIC]
Guti – Se Baila (Original Mix) [Cuttin’ Headz]
Jansons, Dope Earth Alien – Switch (Original Mix) [Circus Recordings]
LondonGround, Manu Desrets – C-Floor (Original Mix) [Sanity]
Robot Needs Oil – Kiss The Sun & Lick The Rainbow (Original Mix) [My Little Dog]
Steve Lawler – Narna (I Am Happy) [Play It Say It]
Tennan – Madrunk [Underground Audio]
Two Rhodes – Compos Mentis (Original Mix) [My Techno Weighs A Ton]
Tyree Cooper – I Wan’t It Now (Original Mix) [MFF (Music For Freaks)]
Tech House / Minimal / House / Dj Charts 15-05-2019

Artist: VA
Title: Wade APRIL JAMS
Genre: House, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Dj Chart
Quality: 320 kbps

Agar, Solo Tamas - Not Sorry (Original Mix) [Noexcuse Records]
AJ Christou - Sriracha (Original Mix) [Whippin]
Alex Wellmann - Ghetto Trip (Original Mix) [BumpCut Records]
Amo, Daniel Sanchez - Oh Yah (Rich Nxt Remix) [NG Trax]
Arado - Always In Trouble (Original Mix) [Happy Techno Music]
Costel Van Dein - Shock Wave (Original Mix) [Digital Complex Records]
Darius Syrossian - Unnamed 3 (Original Mix) [Moxy Muzik]
Dennis Cruz - Wicked [Solid Grooves Records]
George Privatti, Guille Placencia - Fellas Wanna Dance (Original Mix) [La Pera Records]
Jesse Perez, President Of Ugly - Ugly Swag  [Mr. Nice Guy]
Lubelski, WhereIsFenix - When the Rhythm Hits  [Percomaniacs]
Mark Fanciulli - Let's Go (Miguel Bastida Remix) [Sweatbox Records]
Max Chapman - Modular [Hottrax]
Pax - Voodoo Girl (Wade Extended Mix) [Sola]
Reelow - The Juicy One (Original Mix) [ElRow Music]
Sammy W & Tobus - Jam Tight  [Hot Creations]
Tom Flynn - Space [Hottrax]
Toman - OtopenI [NO ART]
ZDS - Knucklehead [DIRTYBIRD]

Artist: VA
Title: Mike Shannon SPRING TIME JAMS
Genre: Techno, House, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Reggae / Dancehall / Dub, Electronica / Downtempo, Dj Chart
Quality: 320 kbps

Alicia Hush - 3 Eyes Are Better Than 2 (Original Mix) [Cynosure Recordings]
Alicia Hush - Panache Alert (Original Mix) [Cynosure Recordings]
Davide Ferrario - Jewel Ice (Nitin Remix) [Manjumasi]
Deadbeat, Camara - To Love Is To Bury (Original Mix) [Constellation]
DeWalta - Vega [Meander Music]
Ernesto Ferreyra - A SHIP IN THE SKY [Memoria Recordings]
Jurek Przezdziecki - End of June (Adam Marshall Remix) [B_files]
Rennie Foster - Fierce Methodology (Sean Deason Remix) [RF]
Ryan Crosson - Janet (Original Mix) [Visionquest]
Thomas Melchior - What The- (Original Mix) [Black Catalogue]
Wolke7 - Aprender (Original Mix) [Haunt Music]
Makromas EASTER TOP 10 Makromas EASTER TOP 10

Artist: VA
Title: Makromas EASTER TOP 10
Genre: Melodic House & Techno, Deep House, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Dj Chart
Quality: 320 kbps

Animal Trainer - In Space (Manuel Moreno Remix) [Hive Audio]
buraq - Strawberry [buraqmusic]
Butane, Riko Forinson - Hoi Polloi (Original Mix) [Moan]
Chicks Luv US, Armando (PT) - Too Many Things (Original Mix) [CUFF]
Danny Leblack - Synchro [Habla Music]
Dee no - Audio Cheap (Original Mix) [Deeperfect Records]
Gardens of God - Blut (Original Mix) [Sodai]
Laydee V - Eastside (Original Mix) [Platform 7even]
Markus Homm - Manhunt [Plastic City]
Randall Jones - Little Helper 345-5 (Original Mix) [Little Helpers]

High-quality Minimal tracks in mp3

The experimental genre of Minimal appeared in the 60s of the 20th century. The term minimalism refers to the music characterized by certain common features: repetition (often of a short musical phrase, with minimum of variations over a long period of time) or the state of rest (hum, bass and drawling sounds); emphasis on consonance harmony; steady rhythm.

Minimalist music can sometimes resemble different types of electronic music (for example, the Basic Channel project), as well as textural songs of such composers as Ligeti. The final results are often similar, but the composing concepts are different.

Download minimal techno & house music

Minimal can be sometimes very similar to Ambient and sometimes to Noise. Do you want to listen to high-quality Minimal Techno, House or Trance? Our website will help you download free Minimal tracks fast.

Real minimalist music is comprised of quite simple passages, which, while repeating continuously, are shifted relative to each other, making a kind of constantly changing moire pattern without an obvious center of gravity. After downloading the best of Minimal, you can listen to your favorite track from any point and think of any instrument as a leading one.

Top Chart Techno-Pop has few elements as well. The moire effect is caused by a sequence of tiniest shifts. All elements used can be coarse, geometric and angular, and the overall effect is soft, smooth and organic.

Richie Hawtin is an Anglo-Canadian producer, DJ and musician, owner of the Minus label. He has been one of the most major figures in the world techno scene in the past 10 years.

Ricardo Villalobos is a Chilean-German DJ and producer of electronic music. He is known for his minimalist style, as well as for his contributing to Minimal Techno and Microhouse.

Moritz von Oswald, better known as Maurizio, is one of the most influential people, who influenced the formation of electronic music heavily in the early 1990s. He was a drummer in the German band Palais Schaumburg in the 1980s, but then he embraced the new music that appeared at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s. Working with his former Palais Schaumburg colleague, Thomas Felman, in 3MB at first, he became best known for his M LPs recorded together with Mark Ernestus. However, it was his joint work with Mark Ernestus in Basic Channel that influenced Techno the most. Daniel Bell is an American DJ, musician, producer. He’s one of the founders and ideologists of Minimal-Techno.