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TML - Machine Bias [HFT064] TML - Machine Bias [HFT064]
Techno / House 21-02-2018

Artist: TML
Title: Machine Bias
Genre: Leftfield House & Techno
Label: Hotflush Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

TML – B2B (Original Mix) 05:01 129bpm Emin
TML – Cell ID (Original Mix) 05:32 128bpm Cmin
TML – Human (Original Mix) 04:10 127bpm Dmin
TML – RHU (Justin Cudmore Remix) 07:34 124bpm Amaj
VA - Midnight House Vibes Vol 40 [RH2COMP393] VA - Midnight House Vibes Vol 40 [RH2COMP393]
Music / House 21-02-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Midnight House Vibes, Vol. 40
Genre: House
Label: 3000 Grad Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Black Legend Project – Tekmandu (Peverell Bros Remix) 05:35
Chris Marina – Ready to Rock You (Club Mix) 05:58
David Novacek – Hen (Original Mix) 05:42
Demuir – Dont Truss That DJ (Original Mix) 07:07
Discoplex – Streetfight (Original Mix) 04:11
DJ Eric DD – All Night We Will Dance (Original Mix) 07:40
DJ Shu-ma – Man of Soul (Original Mix) 05:41
Fomichev – Gia Tous (Original Mix) 06:22
Ivan Kay – Claps in the Church (Original Mix) 06:54
Jazzman Wax – All About (Original Mix) 06:08
Jon Anthoni – She Knows (Original Mix) 06:58
Massivedrum – Don’t Stop (Original Mix) 05:18
Mike Newman – Bring Ya’ Body (Original Mix) 06:21
Ramon Castells – Goodengue (Original Mix) 04:51
RUBIX – I Know You Want Me (Original Mix) 05:31
Soledrifter – Better Show Me (Original Mix) 06:06
Sonick S – You Make Me Feel Good (Original Mix) 06:19
Wayne Brett – I Can’t Hear You Daddy (Original Mix) 07:08
Sebastian Tourt, Natur – In The Cadillac EP [PR2018382] Sebastian Tourt, Natur – In The Cadillac EP [PR2018382]
Music / House 21-02-2018

Artist: Sebastian Tourt, Natur
Title: In The Cadillac EP
Genre: House
Label: Piston Recordings
Quality: 320kbps

Sebastian Tourt, Natur – In The Cadillac (Original Mix) 
Sebastian Tourt, Natur – Latin Bronx (Original Mix)
VA – I Want You Chart by Joeski VA – I Want You Chart by Joeski
Deep House / Tech House / House 20-02-2018

Artist: VA
Title: I Want You Chart by Joeski
Genre: Tech House/House/Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

01. Doc Martin, Joeski – Presence In The Air (Original Mix)
02. Emery Warman – We Shine (Alan Nieves Remix)
03. Harry Romero – So Nasty (Extended Mix)
04. Joeski – I Want You feat. Liberty (Original Acid Mix)
05. Joeski, Liberty – I Want You feat. Liberty (Disco Mix)
06. Matt Jones – Tear The Club (Original Mix)
07. Mendo, Danny Serrano, Andre Butano – Ramon Ramon (Original Mix)
08. Mihalis Safras – Love Away (Original Mix)
09. Point G – Love Yourself (Original Mix)
10. Terranova – Langsam (Fetisch Mix)

Urulu – The Armadillo [AMA018] Urulu – The Armadillo [AMA018]
House / Electronic 20-02-2018

Artist: Urulu
Title : The Armadillo
Label: Amadeus
Genre: House/Electronic
Quality: 320 kbps

Urulu – Limp Lover (Intro)
Urulu – The Nautilus
Urulu – The Armadillo
Urulu –  Ravioli
Strip Steve – Shy Funk EP [ROYAL039] Strip Steve – Shy Funk EP [ROYAL039]
Deep House / House 20-02-2018

Artist: Strip Steve
Title: Shy Funk EP
Genre: House/Deep House
Label: Clone Royal Oak
Quality: 320kbps

Strip Steve – Baby Call (Original Mix)
Strip Steve – Dreams Of (Original Mix)
Strip Steve – The Church with No Name (Original Mix) 
Strip Steve – Tree of Life (Original Mix) 
Strip Steve – Zig Zag (Original Mix) 
StevAxel - Liked [EP298] StevAxel - Liked [EP298]
Music / House 20-02-2018

Artist: StevAxel 
Title: Liked 
Genre: House
Label: AREA 94
Quality: 320 kbps

StevAxel - Liked (Original Mix)

Luis Radio, Marco Scocchi - Crystal Body [UNQTZ105] Luis Radio, Marco Scocchi - Crystal Body [UNQTZ105]
Music / House 20-02-2018

Artist: Luis Radio, Marco Scocchi 
Title: Crystal Body 
Genre: House
Label: unquantize
Quality: 320 kbps

Luis Radio, Marco Scocchi - Crystal Body (Instrumental)
Luis Radio, Marco Scocchi - Crystal Body (Original Mix)

Ultra Soul Project - It's For You [GSD044] Ultra Soul Project - It's For You [GSD044]
Music / House 20-02-2018

Artist: Ultra Soul Project 
Title: It's For You
Genre: House
Label: Gruv Shack Digital
Quality: 320 kbps

Ultra Soul Project - It's For You (Instrumental Mix)
Ultra Soul Project - It's For You (Original Mix)
Ultra Soul Project - It's For You (Vocal Mix)
Mario Cruz - Sometimes [MARINATED029] Mario Cruz - Sometimes [MARINATED029]
Music / House 20-02-2018

Artist: Mario Cruz 
Title: Sometimes 
Genre: House
Label: Marinated Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Mario Cruz - Sometimes (Original Mix)
Mario Cruz - Sometimes (Soledrifter Remix)

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House originated in the early 1980s. One of the earliest tracks is On And On Tracks written by Jesse Sanders. House is a mix of Soul, which is the father of heavy electronic music, and Disco. House is a mix of heavy music and relief beat rhythms. Why is it so popular? House is, first of all, the combination of the two most popular music genres of many generations of music fans.

Famous House performers

KNIFE PARTY – a duet performing Electro House. Avicii – a Swedish DJ performing Progressive House and House. He is one of the most high-paid DJs in the world. His most famous tracks are For A Better Day, You Make Me, The Nights. Afrojack – a new pure House performer. This DJ’s most popular tracks are The Spark, Diamonds, SummerThing! Swedish House Mafia – a band performing electronic music and a dance crew. The band consists of three members. This band participated in the Top 100 DJ 2011 and was named the key persons of House. Deadmau5 is a pseudonym of Joel Thomas Zimmerman, a famous Progressive House performer, who lives in the Canadian city of Ontario. You can easily download House tracks on our website. Here you will find an up-to-date catalog of tracks and albums of all famous House performers.