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Schatrax - Mispent Years - Slumberkings [DV014D] Schatrax - Mispent Years - Slumberkings [DV014D]
Music / House 16-01-2016

Artist: Schatrax 
Title: Mispent Years - Slumberkings 
Genre: House
Label: Schatrax
Quality: 320 kbps

Schatrax - Mispent Years (Original Mix) 
Schatrax - Slumberkings (Original Mix)

Prins Thomas – Toransu [FP050] Prins Thomas – Toransu [FP050]
Music / House 16-01-2016

Artist: Prins Thomas 
Title: Toransu
Genre: House
Label: Lehult
Quality: 320 kbps

Prins Thomas – Meiro 
Prins Thomas – Luftspeiling (12″ Versjon) 
Prins Thomas – Trans (12″ Versjon) 
Prins Thomas – Toransu 
Prins Thomas – Luftspeiling (Bogus Beat) 
Prins Thomas – Stockholm Express (Chmmr Change Trains remix)
Prins Thomas – Aoa (Kort Miks) 
VA - Four Elements EP, Vol. 3 [DBL 003] VA - Four Elements EP, Vol. 3 [DBL 003]
Deep House / Tech House / House 15-01-2016

Artist: VA
Title: Four Elements EP, Vol. 3
Genre: Deep House / House / Tech House
Label: Digitalbitch London
Quality: 320 kbps

C.R.Y.S.T.A.L - Tech My Bitch (Original Mix)
Cultured Link, Pablo Casa, Atkins - Butterfly Stance (Atkins, Pablo Casa Remix)
Nick Javier - Art Of War (No Guestlist Remix)
Amrick Channa, Jerem A - It's Time [DBR 214] Amrick Channa, Jerem A - It's Time [DBR 214]
Music / House 15-01-2016

Artist: Amrick Channa, Jerem A
Title: It's Time
Genre: House
Label: Disco Balls Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Amrick Channa, Jerem A - Its Time (Original Mix)
Amrick Channa, Jerem A, Daniele Cucinotta - Its Time (Daniele Cucinotta Remix)
Amrick Channa, Jerem A, Lucius Lowe - Its Time (Lucius Lowe Remix)

BSM - Mash It Up / Lock N Load [TC 0005] BSM - Mash It Up / Lock N Load [TC 0005]
Music / House 15-01-2016

Artist: BSM
Title: Mash It Up / Lock N Load
Genre: House
Label: Tetradite Coalition
Quality: 320 kbps

BSM - Lock N Load (Original Mix)
BSM - Mash It Up (Original Mix)
Rokaman - Get Up [1809REC 038] Rokaman - Get Up [1809REC 038]
Music / House 15-01-2016

Artist: Rokaman 
Title: Get Up
Genre: House
Label: 18-09 Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Rokaman - Get Up (Fake Self Remix)
Rokaman - Get Up (Original Mix)
Te5la - All Night [ADA 081] Te5la - All Night [ADA 081]
Music / House 15-01-2016

Artist: Te5la 
Title: All Night
Genre: House
Label: Adapter Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Te5la - All Night (Original Mix)
Fingerspitzen - Sirene [ES 015] Fingerspitzen - Sirene [ES 015]
Techno / House 15-01-2016

Artist: Fingerspitzen 
Title: Sirene 
Genre: House / Techno
Label: Earthshock Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Fingerspitzen - Sirene (Original Mix)
Fingerspitzen, Autique - Sirene (Autique Remix)
Fingerspitzen, Diozo - Sirene (Diozo Remix)
Fingerspitzen, MezzyMez - Sirene (MezzyMez Remix)

Luckygeenius - You Keep Coming [CRS 29] Luckygeenius - You Keep Coming [CRS 29]
Music / House 15-01-2016

Artist: Luckygeenius 
Title: You Keep Coming 
Genre: House
Label: Crept Records SA
Quality: 320 kbps

Luckygeenius - You Keep Coming (Luckygeenius Trip Funk Disco Mix)
Luckygeenius - You Keep Coming (Luckygeenius Trip Funk No Bass Reprise Mix)
Luckygeenius - You Keep Coming (Original Mix)
Luckygeenius - You Keep Coming (Reprise Mix)
Ralo - East Side EP [DD 034] Ralo - East Side EP [DD 034]
Music / House 15-01-2016

Artist: Ralo
Title: East Side EP
Genre: House
Label: Digital Delight
Quality: 320 kbps

Ralo - K Walk (Original Mix)
Ralo - Old Ridge (Original Mix)
Ralo, Trill - Whos Bad (Original Mix)

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House originated in the early 1980s. One of the earliest tracks is On And On Tracks written by Jesse Sanders. House is a mix of Soul, which is the father of heavy electronic music, and Disco. House is a mix of heavy music and relief beat rhythms. Why is it so popular? House is, first of all, the combination of the two most popular music genres of many generations of music fans.

Famous House performers

KNIFE PARTY – a duet performing Electro House. Avicii – a Swedish DJ performing Progressive House and House. He is one of the most high-paid DJs in the world. His most famous tracks are For A Better Day, You Make Me, The Nights. Afrojack – a new pure House performer. This DJ’s most popular tracks are The Spark, Diamonds, SummerThing! Swedish House Mafia – a band performing electronic music and a dance crew. The band consists of three members. This band participated in the Top 100 DJ 2011 and was named the key persons of House. Deadmau5 is a pseudonym of Joel Thomas Zimmerman, a famous Progressive House performer, who lives in the Canadian city of Ontario. You can easily download House tracks on our website. Here you will find an up-to-date catalog of tracks and albums of all famous House performers.