Deep house music

VA - Hot Dogs, Vol. 6 [MLD075] VA - Hot Dogs, Vol. 6 [MLD075]
Deep House / Tech House Yesterday, 13:26

Artist: VA
Title: Hot Dogs, Vol. 6
Genre: Tech House/Deep House
Label: My Little Dog
Quality: 320kbps

Andy Peimbert – Wild (Original Mix) 7:26 /125bpm/ D#min
Mario Franca – My Gun (Original Mix) 6:43 /120bpm/ Fmaj
Sergio Bennett, Coopdown – Bombs in the Garden (Original Mix) 6:35 /125bpm/ 
VA - Ethereal Techno #005 [SYYKET005] VA - Ethereal Techno #005 [SYYKET005]
Deep House / Techno Yesterday, 11:09

Artist: VA
Title: Ethereal Techno #005
Genre: Techno, Deep House
Label: Steyoyoke
Quality: 320 kbps

Modeplex – Pulsar 07:57
Jobe – Orcus 08:57
Clawz SG, Never Lost – Tenebris 06:17
Sarcasmo – Epoca 07:29
Justrice – Voyager 07:28
Soul Button – Indra (Nick Devon Remix) 07:20
Simon Sizer – Aconit 06:59
Soul Button – Elysium 08:06
Carlo Whale – 5st 06:32
Erly Tepshi – Hard to Love (Steyoyoke Rework) 07:36
Binaryh, Never Lost – Urania 06:58
Arude, Binaryh – Protocol 07:13
Kommodo – Aether 07:15
Ricardo Piedra – Lunasphere 08:14
Nick Devon – Skyline (Mallone’s City Lights Remix) 07:27
VA - Deep Into The Vibe, Vol. 10 [CITYCOMP291] VA - Deep Into The Vibe, Vol. 10 [CITYCOMP291]
Deep House / House Yesterday, 11:08

Artist: VA
Title: Deep Into the Vibe, Vol. 10
Genre: House, Deep House
Label: City Life
Quality: 320 kbps

nils hoffmann – Physical Grinder 05:20
D.Diggler, Franksen – Funtasia 06:36
David Jach – Swing Catcher 06:49
Kruse & Nuernberg, Adana Twins – Talking About… 07:14
Smash TV – Noise & Girls (Yousef Remix) 07:21
Dario D’Attis – Diss in Minor 08:12
Melchior Bachmann, extd.will – Play (Feat. Dennis Degenhardt) (Luis Leon Remix) 10:53
Dave Pad – Deep Elements 06:46
BarBQ – On the Path to Nowhere 05:52
Far Distance – Black Light 05:58
Lopazz – Share My Rhythm (LOPAZZ’s Edit) 05:03
Bruno from Ibiza – Bezoya 06:40
Yvan – Before the Sunset (Y Deep Mix) 05:36
Jorek – Serious No (Sommerer Edit) 07:03
Luis León, Memo Insua – Lost Secrets (Feat. Andrew Brown) (Flavin Orlando Remix) 05:16
Alles Andrs – Away 06:44
Fields – Sovereign 06:06
Klod Rights – Evening Lights (Klod Rights Extended Mix) 07:04
Toti Pereira aka Eartone – Recovery (Pablo Bolivar Remix) 06:47
Ellroy – Coffee & Cigarettes 08:30
Damien Tones – You’ve Got Me Hypnotized 06:22
Andrius Zamba – London Underground 06:29
Jacob – Diamonds (Moodymanc Remix) 07:58
ACR – Tibetan Love 07:20
Thomas Sari – An Insight (K-Bana Remix) 08:04
VA - Klangfamilie Vol. 1 [EW130] VA - Klangfamilie Vol. 1 [EW130]
Deep House / Tech House / Techno / House Yesterday, 11:05

Artist: VA
Title: Klangfamilie, Vol. 1
Genre: House, Deep House, Afro House, Tech House, Funky, Techno
Label: Eisenwaren
Quality: 320 kbps

Marc Vision, Criss Source, Francesco Riga – Rise 06:50
Vin Vega, Coco YumYum – Uno 07:13
Kai Schulz – Kamekoma 07:17
Unity – Back in the Days 07:15
Vin Vega, Magoo – Hip It to the Hip 06:38
Florian Casper – Greed 07:07
Mad Trakker, Igor Lopez – Twisted Sounds of Dawn 06:12
VA - Superlative [TIEFLTD52] VA - Superlative [TIEFLTD52]
Deep House / Tech House / Techno / Minimal Yesterday, 11:05

Artist: VA
Title: Superlative
Genre: Techno, Tech House, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Tief Ltd
Quality: 320 kbps

Alessandra Ricci – Easy Going 07:37
Alessandra Ricci – Plasticised 08:11
CL-ljud – Voice 07:16
Twofalls – Consciousness 06:17
Niko Freij – Sunny Sky 07:27
Monotalk – Tacuba Seduction 06:50
David’S – Heisenberg 06:42
Hen Greca – Jetzt & Hier 07:01
CL-ljud – Novel 06:21
Redrum – Brus 05:54
Mauro Diaz – Fill Solution 07:02
C Minor, Angelo Mele – Claves 08:41
Kon Up – M-nos 07:07
Eden Caabe, Eugene Korso – Des maux 06:16
Barrows – Money Back 06:14
Giacomo De Falco, Gianluca Rattalino – Crazy Shake 07:00
Enzo Sorrentino – Blonde (Joshua Puerta Synth Version) 06:30
Background, CL-ljud – Equivalent 08:15
Luca Pizzarotti – Tooth Fair 06:50
Pangea (Italy) – High Expansion (Low Mode Remix) 06:43
Nacho Padilla – Too Cold 06:34

VA - Artistique Music, Vol. 28 [VOLTCOMP677] VA - Artistique Music, Vol. 28 [VOLTCOMP677]
Deep House / Tech House / Techno Yesterday, 11:04

Artist: VA
Title: Artistique Music, Vol. 28
Genre: Deep House, Tech House, Techno
Label: Voltaire Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Pablo Bolívar – All Clear 06:39
Innellea – Apate 08:37
Nela – Ageto 05:52
Bookwood – Follow (Original Mix) 07:36
Marcus Sur – Synergism 06:34
Noir, Richard Judge – Keep Up (Few Nolder Remix) 05:40
Marcelo Cura & Origins Of Time – Ouhou 06:00
Ezikiel – Save The Children 06:57
M.A.N.D.Y., Red Eye – Rhythm & Soul (Tiger Stripes Remix) 06:40
Doctor Dru – Corner Ball 06:27
Dave Aju – Strang Theory 07:23
Nico Cabeza – Hermes 06:32
Severin Su – Substance (Version) 06:56
Mario Neha – More Dubs N Whiskey Coke 07:12
Moses Mehdi – Flawless Believe 07:08
Renato Cohen – 80 Energy in da Sauna [KLING127] Renato Cohen – 80 Energy in da Sauna [KLING127]
Deep House / Tech House 24-04-2018

Artist: Renato Cohen
Title: 80 Energy in da Sauna
Genre: Tech House, Deep House
Label: Kling Klong
Quality: 320 kbps

Renato Cohen – Sauna (Original Mix) (9:38)
Renato Cohen – 80 Energy (Original Mix) (7:32)
German Brigante – Indira Ghandi [MAN004] German Brigante – Indira Ghandi [MAN004]
Music / Deep House 24-04-2018

Artist: German Brigante
Title: Indira Ghandi
Genre: Deep House
Label: Manitox
Quality: 320 kbps

German Brigante – Indira Gandhi (Original Mix) (8:08)

Squire – La Femme [LET029] Squire – La Femme [LET029]
Music / Deep House 24-04-2018

Artist: Squire
Title: La Femme
Genre: Deep House
Label: L’enfant terrible
Quality: 320 kbps

Squire – Original Is Worth More Than a Copy (Original Mix) (6:34)
Squire – Tiger Lilly (Original Mix) (7:28)
Squire – Chiara (Original Mix) (8:26)
Pletnev – Aztec Code / Daywalker [FW006] Pletnev – Aztec Code / Daywalker [FW006]
Music / Deep House 24-04-2018

Artist: Pletnev
Title: Aztec Code / Daywalker
Label: Fleeting Wax
Genre: Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Pletnev – Aztec Code 6:21
Pletnev – Daywalker 7:44
Pletnev – Daywalker (Eva Geist & Mehmet Aslan Remix) 7:19

As 2010 came, electronic music began to revive and even become as popular as in the early 90s. It is impossible not to mention Deep House when talking about electronic music. It is a pioneer of such a genre as electronic music.

Why Deep House songs is so popular

Deep House is a prominent representative of electronic music, which combines the elements of Jazz, Gospel and R & B. It is such a foundation that makes this music so attractive to listeners and more and more popular every year. The fact that writing Deep House songs is quite easy these days is also very important. A lot of songs have already been played and the Internet has a good selection of them. Here you can download free Deep House tracks. This genre owes its popularity to the good combination of lyrics and music. As a rule, it is a deep and at the same time light ambient sound supported by keyboard instruments (electro organ, piano). Together with light soft vocals (mostly female) it makes a great music to rest and relax to. Deep House can be listened to both at a party and at home after work. Either way, it will help you calm down and will cheer you up.

Popular Deep House performers

If we talk about famous Deep House performers (you can download free Deep House tracks in mp3 on our website), we should mention such giants as Eric Kupper, Kevin Yost, Guidance Recordings label, Plastic City and, of course, Larry Heard. They are Deep House classics, who made this genre famous and loved by all of us. Their songs have been unavailable for ordinary listeners for a long time, but now, thanks to our website, you can find the best new Deep House tracks any time using our electronic music search service.

Free download of Deep House & Techno music mixes

When it’s about free downloading of popular Deep House mixes, you can always count on our website. We can offer you tracks of the most famous electronic music performers. From House and Electro to Techno. And all of the tracks are high-quality and completely free. To download a song, you just need to register, enter the name of the song you want into the search box, click the download button and it’s done. Now enjoy the electronic music of your favorite artists and stay positive in R&B rhythm.