Deep house music

Zone+, Hameed, Hoolz – Phlegmatic EP [AKBAL159] Zone+, Hameed, Hoolz – Phlegmatic EP [AKBAL159]
Music / Deep House 17-11-2018

Artist: Zone+, Hameed, Hoolz
Title: Phlegmatic EP
Genre: Deep House
Label: Akbal Music
Quality: 320kbps

Hoolz, Zone+ – Streamer (Original Mix) 8:54 /123bpm/ Emin
Zone+ – Avenue 22 (Original Mix) 7:52 /119bpm/ Amin
Zone+ – Eternity (Original Mix) 7:57 /120bpm/ Ebmin
Zone+, Hameed – Phlegmatic (Original Mix) 7:39 /122bpm/ Dmin

Deeplomatik – Move Your Body [SLT147] Deeplomatik – Move Your Body [SLT147]
Deep House / House 17-11-2018

Artist: Deeplomatik
Title: Move Your Body
Genre: Deep House/House
Label: Salted Music
Quality: 320kbps

Deeplomatik – Move Your Body feat. L.T. Brown (Deep Dub) 6:40 /122bpm/ Emin
Deeplomatik – Move Your Body feat. L.T. Brown (Original Mix) 6:19 /124bpm/ Emin

Elpine – Veil [PBR71] Elpine – Veil [PBR71]
Music / Deep House 16-11-2018

Artist: Elpine
Title: Veil
Genre: Deep House
Label: Plano B Records
Quality: 320kbps

Elpine – Sapphire (Original Mix) 6:45 /123bpm/ Cmin
Elpine – Terrasect (Original Mix) 6:56 /120bpm/ Amin
Elpine – Veil (Original Mix) 6:32 /120bpm/ Amin

VA - Voltaire Music Pres. Atmospheric #5 [VOLTCOMP767] VA - Voltaire Music Pres. Atmospheric #5 [VOLTCOMP767]
Deep House / House 16-11-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Voltaire Music pres. Atmospheric #5
Genre: Deep House, Afro House
Label: Voltaire Music
Quality: 320 kbps

BONDI - Siel Fiction (Original Mix) 06:28 110bpm Gmin
Marc DePulse, Several Definitions - Sharks (Peter Pardeike Remix) 07:38 124bpm Gmin
Kotelett, Zadak - Nectar (Original Mix) 08:39 120bpm Cmaj
Armonica - [A] 011 (Original Mix) 09:30 120bpm Emin
Oscar P - Kalunga (Elias Remix) 07:51 123bpm Dmaj
Radyon - Interleaved (Original Mix) 07:10 121bpm Dmaj
Enawadan - Kroyo (Original Mix) 09:05 120bpm B♭min
Johnny Da Cruz - Mind Games (Original Mix) 07:18 120bpm Gmaj
Jean Claude Ades - Insane (Original Mix) 06:34 ?bpm
Animal Trainer - Lost (Original Mix) 07:21 120bpm Cmaj
Jonzz - Lost In The Pads (Emiliano Martini Remix) 08:02 122bpm Amin
Sascha Dive - E-Dancer (Original Mix) 06:01 120bpm Amin
Caio Stanccione - Endeavour (Original Mix) 07:44 120bpm Fmaj
Trette - The Dust (Original Mix) 07:22 118bpm Amaj
DJ Vivona - Just So You'll Know feat. Rahjwanti (Travel Mix) 06:54 121bpm Dmaj
Enzo Siffredi - Introduction (Beatamines Remix) 07:50 123bpm A♭maj

VA - Caravan 2 [CAFEDEANATOLIA026] VA - Caravan 2 [CAFEDEANATOLIA026]
Music / Deep House 16-11-2018

Artist: VA
Title: Caravan 2
Genre: Deep House
Label: Cafe De Anatolia
Quality: 320 kbps

Stanisha - Caravan (Original Mix) 09:50 100bpm Cmaj
Elias Fassos, RisK (Gr) - Manangel (Original Mix) 05:56 103bpm A#maj
Dreamers inc, TreePines - Desert Sound (ThroDef Istanblues Remix) 06:17 103bpm Amin
Stanisha - Amman (Original Mix) 11:12 106bpm Bmaj
Desert Dwellers - Whirling Within (Original Mix) 06:04 108bpm Cmaj
Billy Esteban - Si Zaljubiv (Original Mix) 04:04 116bpm Emin
7even (GR) - Erida (Original Mix) 07:02 123bpm Amaj
ThroDef - Alulim (Original Mix) 06:57 117bpm Fmaj
Professor - The Lonely Shepherd (Original Mix) 06:52 120bpm Dmin
ThroDef - Trabzon (Original Mix) 07:29 118bpm A#maj
Alexandr Mar - Believe (Remastered Mix) 06:56 120bpm Cmin
Onur Camur - Beggar's Prayer (Original Mix) 07:32 120bpm Emaj
Alexandr Mar - Monah (Remastered Mix) 06:26 120bpm Emin
Ali Baba - Gitana (Original Mix) 06:15 124bpm A#min
Billy Esteban, Uska, Demir Kan - 3 Gonga (Original Mix) 04:32 124bpm Fmin
7even (GR) - Pasiphae (Original Mix) 05:51 112bpm Dmaj
thatmanmonkz – Ooh Wee Remixed (feat. Nikki-O) [CMC279RMXD] thatmanmonkz – Ooh Wee Remixed (feat. Nikki-O) [CMC279RMXD]
Music / Deep House 16-11-2018

Artist: thatmanmonkz
Title: Ooh Wee Remixed (feat. Nikki-O)
Label: Classic Music Company
Genre: Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

thatmanmonkz – Ooh Wee feat. Nikki-O (Norm Talley Remix) 7:47
thatmanmonkz – Ooh Wee feat. Nikki-O (SoulPhiction’s Nervos Mix) 7:06
Stimming & Lazarusman – Your Dreams [GRU089] Stimming & Lazarusman – Your Dreams [GRU089]
Music / Deep House 16-11-2018

Artist: Stimming & Lazarusman
Title: Your Dreams
Label: Gruuv 
Genre: Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Stimming & Lazarusman – Your Dreams (Lucid Version) 8:42
Stimming & Lazarusman – Your Dreams (Vivid Version) 8:51
Stimming & Lazarusman – Your Dreams (Tiefschwarz Remix) 7:49
Stimming & Lazarusman – Your Dreams (Audiojack Remix) 8:38

TB – Night Heat [PERMVAC1771] TB – Night Heat [PERMVAC1771]

Artist: TB
Title: Night Heat
Label: Permanent Vacation
Genre: Deep House/Nu Disco
Quality: 320 kbps

TB – Night Heat (Original Mix) 5:50
TB – Would? (Original Mix) 5:30
TB – Marmion, TB – Schöneberg (TB Remix) 6:27
TB – This Is Just a Modern Love Song (Original Mix) 3:50

Jenia Stan - Strange Light [CAT250383] Jenia Stan - Strange Light [CAT250383]
Music / Deep House 16-11-2018

Artist: Jenia Stan
Title: Strange Light
Genre: Deep House
Label: G.Star Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Jenia Stan - Distance (Original Mix)
Jenia Stan - Frontline (Original Mix)
Jenia Stan - Strange Light (Original Mix)

Cornel Dascalu - Inside [BR013] Cornel Dascalu - Inside [BR013]
Music / Deep House 16-11-2018

Artist: Cornel Dascalu
Title: Inside 
Genre: Deep House
Label: Bohemian Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Cornel Dascalu - Inside (Original Mix)
As 2010 came, electronic music began to revive and even become as popular as in the early 90s. It is impossible not to mention Deep House when talking about electronic music. It is a pioneer of such a genre as electronic music.

Why Deep House songs is so popular

Deep House is a prominent representative of electronic music, which combines the elements of Jazz, Gospel and R & B. It is such a foundation that makes this music so attractive to listeners and more and more popular every year. The fact that writing Deep House songs is quite easy these days is also very important. A lot of songs have already been played and the Internet has a good selection of them. Here you can download free Deep House tracks. This genre owes its popularity to the good combination of lyrics and music. As a rule, it is a deep and at the same time light ambient sound supported by keyboard instruments (electro organ, piano). Together with light soft vocals (mostly female) it makes a great music to rest and relax to. Deep House can be listened to both at a party and at home after work. Either way, it will help you calm down and will cheer you up.

Popular Deep House performers

If we talk about famous Deep House performers (you can download free Deep House tracks in mp3 on our website), we should mention such giants as Eric Kupper, Kevin Yost, Guidance Recordings label, Plastic City and, of course, Larry Heard. They are Deep House classics, who made this genre famous and loved by all of us. Their songs have been unavailable for ordinary listeners for a long time, but now, thanks to our website, you can find the best new Deep House tracks any time using our electronic music search service.

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