Deep house music

VA - Poolside Australia 2016 [TOOL44001Z] VA - Poolside Australia 2016 [TOOL44001Z]

Artist: VA
Title: Poolside Australia 2016
Genre: Deep House / Electronica / House / Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Luke Million – Archetype Feat. Jeswon (Original Mix)
Brett Gould, Billy Kenny, Acaddamy – Into You (Brett Gould’s Habitual Mix)
Claptone – Puppet Theatre Feat. Peter, Bjorn & John (Original Mix)
Moon Boots – Red Sky (Original Mix)
Andhim, Elderbrook – How Many Times (Original Mix)
Low Steppa – Drums Rockin (Original Mix)
Sidney Charles – Power Of The Underground (Original Mix)
The Juan Maclean – A Simple Design (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
NY’s Finest, City Soul Project – Do You Feel Me (City Soul Project Club Mix)
Acaddamy, Kris Kiss – Have It All feat. Kris Kiss (The Beatangers Remix)
Nvoy – Higher (Original Mix)
ANOTR – Stop The Music (Original Mix)
Joeski, Ski, Harry Romero, Hr – Rewind It Back (Original Mix)
Cyclist – Incoming Instructions (Original Mix)
Auxiliary Tha Masterfader, Italo Brutalo – Disco Machine (Italo Brutalo Remix)
CamelPhat – Get Sick (Original Mix)
Daniele Di Martino – Klimb (Original Mix)
POOLCLVB, Porsches – Karate (POOLCLVB Remix)
Moe Turk, Saccao – Cross That Road (Original Mix)
Miguel Bastida – Whitness (Original Mix)
MANT – Losing You (Original Mix)
Catchment – Wait For You (Original Mix)
Meramek – Know Me (Original Mix)
Fish From Japan – Naked (Balearic Dub)
Benson, Young Franco, Thom Crawford – Hollow (Young Franco Remix)
Rich Pinder, DJOKO – Pop & Snare (Original Mix)
Mauro Picotto – The Whistle (Original Mix)
Escort, Tiger & Woods – Barbarians (Tiger & Woods Remix)
SOLLORS – I Need Your Love (Original Mix)
Romuald, Mighty Mouse, Madji’k – Fastlane (Mighty Mouse Remix)
Favored Nations – Always (Original Mix)
Nikitin – Fractals17 (Original Mix)
Nathan Dalton – I.C.U (Original Mix)
Moods – U Got Me (Original Mix)
Roisto, Disco Despair – I’m No Good Feat. Her Favorite Flavor (Roisto Remix)
Mark Maxwell – Say It Again Feat. Jason Gaffner (Original Mix)
NSFW, Kraver – Dorsia (Original Mix)
Colour Vision – Pina Colada (Original Mix)
Luke Million – Poolside Australia 2016 (Continuous DJ Mix)
Acaddamy – Poolside Australia 2016 (Continuous DJ Mix)

VA - Going Deep in Singapore [RVMCOMP211A] VA - Going Deep in Singapore [RVMCOMP211A]
Music / Deep House 13-02-2016

Artist: VA
Title: Going Deep in Singapore
Genre: Deep House
Label: Re:vibe Music 
Quality: 320 kbps

Nico Pusch, Melokind – Fruhlingsgefuhle (Nico Pusch Remix)
Branchie – You (Original Mix)
DanVee, Mike Vee, Profundo & Gomes – Molly (Profundo & Gomes Remix)
MoleHug – Blush (Original Mix)
Sebb Aston, Wssl – See You Again (Wssl Remix)
Syntheticsax, Nika Belaya, Timian – The Kiss (Original Mix)
Beat Maneuva – Higher State (Original Mix)
Divided Souls, Samuri, Le Alen, Gina Dunn – Feel It (Chris Deepak Remix)
Marco Bruzzano, Hanonj – Lullaby feat. Hanonj (Fernando Opera Dark Remix)
Ali Zee – Miracle (Club Mix)
Stereoclash, Dharius – If We Rule the World (Dharius Remix)
Fatt Bass – Leaving (Vocal Mix)
Elextra, Room 303 – Wanting More (Elextra Dub Mix)
Adriano Mattioli, Elias Funes – 4 Cups (Original Mix)
Daniel Meister – While Flying (Original Mix)
AirDice, P.Johnsen – Hey Chica (Original Mix)
Andre Salmon – Digged (Original Mix)
Matt Funk, David Eye – Role Play (David Eye Remix)

VA - DJ-Kicks [K7316DTM] VA - DJ-Kicks [K7316DTM]

Artist: VA
Title: DJ-Kicks
Genre: Deep House / House / Electronica / Tech House / Techno
Label: K7 Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Will Saul, Komon – Bendy (Original Mix)
Animal Hands – Beacon Island (Original Mix)
Appleblim, Komon – The Visionary State (Original Mix)
Joe Gray – Tozai (Original Mix)
Cottam – Healing Process (Original Mix)
Youandewan – Ego (Original Mix)
Jabru – Church feat. Joel Culpepper (Original Mix)
Lrusse – Presence (Original Mix)
Walton – Birds (Original Mix)
Leon Vynehall – Time (Original Mix)
Will Saul, Komon – Two For One (DJ-Kicks)
Sei A – Reserve (Original Mix)
Axel Boman – Dubbel (Dub)
Sei A – JTR (Original Mix)
October – KR-100 Dub (Original Mix)
Lee Jones, David Clement – Follow Me Home (Lee Jones 89 Remix)
Marquis Hawkes – Life Struggle (Original Mix)
Bicep – Nova (Original Mix)
Will Saul – Pedal Power (Original Mix)
Legowelt – Etherial Techno Music Will Never Die (Original Mix)
George Fitzgerald – Wanting Needing (Original Mix)
Gerry Read – Baseball (Original Mix)
Escape – Flinch (Original Mix)
Second Storey – Oxygene (Original Mix)
Will Saul – DJ-Kicks (Continuous mix)

VA - Deep & Eclectic, Vol. 1 [TNRCOMP144] VA - Deep & Eclectic, Vol. 1 [TNRCOMP144]

Artist: VA
Title: Deep & Eclectic, Vol. 1
Genre: Deep House / House / Indie Dance / Nu Disco / Tech House / Techno
Label: Tenor Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Alkalino, Deep Blast – Bounce for Me (Feat. Konstantin Kostov) (Alkalino Remix)
Clitterhouse – Second Nature Soul (Original Mix)
Frederick Alonso, Kash Jay – My Love (Original Mix)
Cristoph, Oliver Deuerling – Collo (PachangaStorm & Oliver Deuerling Remix)
Rico Puestel, Michael Skopnik – SMMR (Original Mix)
einsauszwei – Tiny (Original Mix)
Digital Mike, Steven Jones, WicKed 7, Donna Destri – No Limit (Original Mix)
Kotelett, Zadak – Nele (Original Mix)
Wild Culture, Josh Savage – Faith (Original Mix)
Oliver Rado – Day and Night (Original Mix)
Bjorn Mandry, Popp & Popp – Dakota (Bjorn Mandry Remix)
Ron Flatter, Rich & Maroq – Dreamer (Ron Flatter Remix)
Douglas Greed, Marian – Someone (Feat. Kuss) (Douglas Greed Remix)
Leonard Bywa, Verbund West – Lead Me (Leonard Bywa Remix)
Noise & Breithaupt, Younotus – Pages (Younotus Remix)
Paji – Lacerta (Original Mix)
Muetze.Glatze – Purple Eyed Lady (Original Mix)
Out Law – Eminoma (Original Mix)
6Souther, BunnyBoy – Deep’ N Silk (Original Mix)
Zusammenklang – Track X (Original Mix)
Klartraum, Oscar Cornell – Sweetness (Oscar Cornell Remix)
Lekesch & Schekel – Broken Heart (Original Mix)

VA - Deep & Dark House Journey [10101296] VA - Deep & Dark House Journey [10101296]
Music / Deep House 13-02-2016

Artist: VA
Title: Deep & Dark House Journey
Genre: Deep Hous
Label: Lounge Bazar
Quality: 320 kbps

Enea DJ – Marisol (Radio Version)
Dj Lukas Wolf – Check My Heart (Radio Version)
Dalem Osuno – Subside (Original Mix)
D.D. Project – Deep South (Radio Version)
Eyes boy – Mention (Original Mix)
Elcw – It’s Time to Love (Radio Version)
Enea DJ – Surprise Miami (Radio Version)
Ripple Gum – Stamina (Original Mix)
Inside Soul – Flames (Original Mix)
D.D. Project – Stay with Me (Radio Version)
Dafts Arcs – Care (Original Mix)
Rawback – Ashes (Original Mix)
Enea DJ – Kabala (Radio Version)
Micheal Artur Koner – Swords (Original Mix)
Dennis Almodovar – Farewell (Original Mix)
Steven Calycs – Wraiths (Original Mix)
Strike Donnovan – Slacken (Original Mix)
Enea DJ, Voltolinas – Playa de Oro (DJ Lukas Wolf Radio Version)

Problem Makers – The Filmmaker [UV039] Problem Makers – The Filmmaker [UV039]
Deep House / Techno 13-02-2016

Artist: Problem Makers 
Title: The Filmmaker
Genre: Techno / Deep House
Label: Univack
Quality: 320 kbps

Problem Makers – Gaia (Original Mix) 
Problem Makers – Gaia (Pete Oak Remix)
Problem Makers – Soulshatter (David Granha Remix) 
Problem Makers – Soulshatter (Original Mix) 
Problem Makers – Stages Of Sleep (Krink Remix) 
Problem Makers – Stages Of Sleep (Original Mix)
Florian Kruse & Hendrik Burkhard – Move in Slow Motion [PFR172] Florian Kruse & Hendrik Burkhard – Move in Slow Motion [PFR172]
Music / Deep House 13-02-2016

Artist: Florian Kruse & Hendrik Burkhard
Title: Move in Slow Motion
Genre: Deep House
Label: Poker Flat
Quality: 320 kbps

Florian Kruse & Hendrik Burkhard – Move In Slow Motion
Florian Kruse & Hendrik Burkhard – Hold On 
Florian Kruse & Hendrik Burkhard – Move In Slow Motion (dub mix) 
2Vilas – Black Water EP [ISGUD039] 2Vilas – Black Water EP [ISGUD039]
Deep House / Tech House 13-02-2016

Artist: 2Vilas
Title: Black Water EP 
Genre: Tech House / Deep House
Label: Isgud Records
Quality: 320 kbps

2Vilas – Black Water (Original Mix)
2Vilas – This City (Gari Romalis Motown Remix)
2Vilas – This City (Hector Moralez Remix) 
2Vilas – This City (Original Mix) 

VA - Mihalis Safras Best Of February Chart 2016 VA - Mihalis Safras Best Of February Chart 2016

Artist: VA
Title: Mihalis Safras Best Of February Chart 2016
Genre: Deep House / Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Cristoph – Smudge (Mihalis Safras remix)
Russ Yallop – Hydro (Volkoder Remix)
Dennis Cruz – Firefly (Original Mix)
Timid Boy – Extasy 2016 – Paul C & Paolo Martini Remix
Danny Nz – Terrace
Mihalis Safras – Hybrid (Original Mix)
Oxia – Give A Feeling (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)
Russ Yallop – Traffic (Mihalis Safras Remix)
Yousef – Reverence (Original Mix)

Ugur Project – Holy Ghost [SPM016] Ugur Project – Holy Ghost [SPM016]
Deep House / Tech House / Techno 12-02-2016

Artist: Ugur Project 
Title: Holy Ghost 
Genre: Deep House / Tech House / Techno
Label: Spaghetti Monster
Quality: 320 kbps

Ugur Project - Holy Ghost (Original Mix)
Ugur Project - Karabasan (Original Mix)
Ugur Project - Never Ending Story (Original Mix)
Ugur Project - You Are My Destiny (Original Mix)

As 2010 came, electronic music began to revive and even become as popular as in the early 90s. It is impossible not to mention Deep House when talking about electronic music. It is a pioneer of such a genre as electronic music.

Why Deep House songs is so popular

Deep House is a prominent representative of electronic music, which combines the elements of Jazz, Gospel and R & B. It is such a foundation that makes this music so attractive to listeners and more and more popular every year. The fact that writing Deep House songs is quite easy these days is also very important. A lot of songs have already been played and the Internet has a good selection of them. Here you can download free Deep House tracks. This genre owes its popularity to the good combination of lyrics and music. As a rule, it is a deep and at the same time light ambient sound supported by keyboard instruments (electro organ, piano). Together with light soft vocals (mostly female) it makes a great music to rest and relax to. Deep House can be listened to both at a party and at home after work. Either way, it will help you calm down and will cheer you up.

Popular Deep House performers

If we talk about famous Deep House performers (you can download free Deep House tracks in mp3 on our website), we should mention such giants as Eric Kupper, Kevin Yost, Guidance Recordings label, Plastic City and, of course, Larry Heard. They are Deep House classics, who made this genre famous and loved by all of us. Their songs have been unavailable for ordinary listeners for a long time, but now, thanks to our website, you can find the best new Deep House tracks any time using our electronic music search service.

Free download of Deep House & Techno music mixes

When it’s about free downloading of popular Deep House mixes, you can always count on our website. We can offer you tracks of the most famous electronic music performers. From House and Electro to Techno. And all of the tracks are high-quality and completely free. To download a song, you just need to register, enter the name of the song you want into the search box, click the download button and it’s done. Now enjoy the electronic music of your favorite artists and stay positive in R&B rhythm.