Deep house music

Pawas – Versus Vol. 3 feat. Mastra, Unnayanaa & Gamelan Industries [BIOLAB047] Pawas – Versus Vol. 3 feat. Mastra, Unnayanaa & Gamelan Industries [BIOLAB047]
Music / Deep House Today, 00:07

Artist: Pawas
Title: Versus Vol. 3 feat. Mastra, Unnayanaa & Gamelan Industries
Label: Biotop
Genre: Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Pawas – Mastra, Pawas – Appletart (Original Mix) 7:32
Pawas – Pawas, Gamelan Industries – Coq Au Vin (Original Mix) 7:22
Pawas – Mastra, Pawas, Unnayanaa – Plumeria (Original Mix) 7:45
Pawas – Pawas – Windy (Original Mix) 7:30
Man Tear – Kill Me [BARN061] Man Tear – Kill Me [BARN061]

Artist: Man Tear
Title: Kill Me
Label: Studio Barnhus
Genre: Deep House/Nu Disco9
Quality: 320 kbps

Man Tear – Kill Me
Man Tear – Black Park
Gab Rhome - Hexagon Earth Theorists [TRYBESof] Gab Rhome - Hexagon Earth Theorists [TRYBESof]
Music / Deep House Yesterday, 21:14

Artist: Gab Rhome
Title: Hexagon Earth Theorists
Genre: Deep House
Label: TRYBESof
Quality: 320 kbps

Gab Rhome - Hexagon Earth Theorists (Original Mix)
Gab Rhome - You Want It Lighter (Original Mix)
VA - Everything That Unites Us [SMR028] VA - Everything That Unites Us [SMR028]
Music / Deep House Yesterday, 21:01

Artist: VA
Title: Everything That Unites Us
Genre: Deep House
Label: Shanti Radio Moscow
Quality: 320 kbps

Amonita - Lavender Bloom (Original Mix) 7:58
Fulltone - Woodland Oracle (Original Mix) 7:14
Hermanez - Flame Keeper (Original Mix) 7:52
startech42 - Motoko [TYC353] startech42 - Motoko [TYC353]
Music / Deep House Yesterday, 17:42

Artist: startech42
Title: Motoko
Genre: Deep House
Label: Trippy Code
Quality: 320 kbps

startech42 - Motoko (Original Mix) 6:22
startech42 - Motoko (E1GHTH PLACE Remix) 5:56
VA - Street King Presents Amsterdam 2019 [KSD408] [FLAC] VA - Street King Presents Amsterdam 2019 [KSD408] [FLAC]
Deep House / Tech House / House Yesterday, 17:34

Artist: VA
Title: Street King Presents Amsterdam 2019
Genre: House, Deep House, Tech House, Afro House, Classic, Soulful House
Label: Street King
Quality: FLAC

Mikalogic - Understanding The Infinite (Unreleased Forteba Alternative Remix) 04:49 120bpm Dmin
Thabo Getsome - Lost Way (Original Mix) 05:39 122bpm A#min
Local Options - Be My Satellite (Soledrifter Mix) 05:52 122bpm Amin
DJ Vivona, Leonardo Chevy - Burst Out (Qubiko Remix) 06:23 122bpm Fmaj
Ralphi Rosario, Linda Clifford - I Hear The Music (Demuir's Deep Inside U Remix) 08:11 124bpm A#min
Kerri Chandler - Harder Gets Higher (6:23 Heavy Mix) 08:26 125bpm A#min
Angelo Ferreri - Decide To Study (Dirty Secretz Dub) 06:11 123bpm Gmin
Supernova - Marana (Francesco Ferraro Remix) 05:43 123bpm Amin
Kiko Navarro, Tuccillo, Amor - Lovery (Jojo Angel Remix) 07:48 124bpm G#min
DJ Qness, Lizwi - Imithwalo (Vocal Dub Edit) 06:49 123bpm Gmin
Darksidevinyl - Jago (Original Mix) 05:30 122bpm Fmin
Lexa Hill - El Camino de Santiago (Original Mix) 08:23 123bpm Amin
Chemical Surf - Privilege (Matchy Remix) 06:33 123bpm C#min
Blaze, Barbara Tucker, UDAUFL - Most Precious Love (Daniel Rateuke Instrumental Remix) 05:51 122bpm A#maj
Dave Andres - All I Need (Original Mix) 06:39 123bpm Dmin
Kennedy, Dry & Bolinger - It's On (Original Mix) 05:22 122bpm Emin
Adam De Maaral - AC Disco (Original Mix) 06:11 125bpm Fmaj
Kinky Movement, Ladybird - Ease It (Animist Remix) 06:42 124bpm Gmin
Deeplomatik - Lay Low (Original Mix) 06:33 124bpm Fmaj
Sebastian Manuel - Meet Me In Shoreditch (Original Mix) 06:19 124bpm Amin
From P60 - On The Road For You (Original Mix) 06:48 125bpm Dmin
Eric Kupper - Faith Healer (Original Mix) 07:21 128bpm F#maj
Jon Martin, Tswex Malabola - Lift Up Our Lives (Afro Mix) 05:24 120bpm Bmin
Jay Nemor, SoulLab - Together (Put Your Hands) (Original Mix) 07:01 120bpm A#min
Elisabeth, Mattei & Omich - You Can (Vertigini Remix) 06:58 120bpm A#min
Heather Johnson - Under My Skin (Satoshi Fumi Remix) 08:18 120bpm Fmin
Din Jay - Tell Me That You Need Me (Original Mix) 07:12 122bpm Bmin
WillowMan - Set Me Free (Original Mix) 04:54 124bpm Cmin
Bunte Bummler - Real To Real (Matt Mclarrie Remix) 06:46 123bpm A#min
Lea Rognoni - Ambition (Instrumental Mix) 07:16 124bpm Bmaj
Louie Vega - Vega 1 (Original Mix) 02:50 125bpm Dmaj
Barbara Tucker, Tuccillo - One Desire (Quentin Harris Re-Production) 08:11 125bpm Dmaj
Carolyn Harding, Guri Guri Boys - Unity (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix) 07:46 125bpm Fmaj
Dennis Ferrer - Run Free (Sean McCabe Vocal Remix) 08:18 126bpm Cmin
Stephanie Cooke - Holding On To Your Love (Nulife Vocal Remix) 06:43 126bpm Bmin
VA - Amsterdam's Finest [FLEM042] VA - Amsterdam's Finest [FLEM042]
Deep House / Techno / Progressive House Yesterday, 17:33

Artist: VA
Title: Amsterdam's Finest
Genre: Deep House, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno
Label: Flemcy Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Barbour - Time (Original Mix) 7:56
Benttum - Regression (Original Mix) 7:48
RIGOONI, Bruna Helena - We Get Used (Original Mix) 8:29
Digital Mess - Halo (Original Mix) 8:08
Bastian Velasco - Sultana (Original Mix) 6:24
Jords - The Tourist (Original Mix) 9:02
Raphael Mader - Birth (Original Mix) 7:14
Talal - Kindred (Original Mix) 6:28
Whoriskey - Reakt (Original Mix) 6:57
Aspard - I Think We've Met (Original Mix) 6:35
Kevin Yost – Vibe [TSOY1018D2TRSPDBP] Kevin Yost – Vibe [TSOY1018D2TRSPDBP]
Music / Deep House Yesterday, 13:31

Artist: Kevin Yost
Title: Vibe
Genre: Deep House
Label: TSOY
Quality: 320 kbps

Kevin Yost – Vibe (Original Mix) (7:48)

Manuel De Lorenzi, Matteo Gatti – Explorer EP [KD160] Manuel De Lorenzi, Matteo Gatti – Explorer EP [KD160]
Deep House / Minimal Yesterday, 13:30

Artist: Manuel De Lorenzi, Matteo Gatti
Title: Explorer EP
Genre: Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech
Label: Kindisch
Quality: 320 kbps

Manuel De Lorenzi, Matteo Gatti – Day Off (Original Mix) (7:34)
Manuel De Lorenzi, Matteo Gatti – Monday (Original Mix) (8:09)
Manuel De Lorenzi, Matteo Gatti – Caballero (Original Mix) (10:14)
ColorJaxx – With All My Heart [SLT166] ColorJaxx – With All My Heart [SLT166]
Music / Deep House Yesterday, 13:28

Artist: ColorJaxx
Title: With All My Heart
Genre: Deep House
Label: alted Music
Quality: 320kbps

ColorJaxx – Colombia (Original Mix) 5:19 /123bpm/ Amin
ColorJaxx – Much Work (Original Mix) 4:58 /124bpm/ A#min
ColorJaxx – With All My Heart (Original Mix) 5:47 /124bpm/ Cmin
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As 2010 came, electronic music began to revive and even become as popular as in the early 90s. It is impossible not to mention Deep House when talking about electronic music. It is a pioneer of such a genre as electronic music.

Why Deep House songs is so popular

Deep House is a prominent representative of electronic music, which combines the elements of Jazz, Gospel and R & B. It is such a foundation that makes this music so attractive to listeners and more and more popular every year. The fact that writing Deep House songs is quite easy these days is also very important. A lot of songs have already been played and the Internet has a good selection of them. Here you can download free Deep House tracks. This genre owes its popularity to the good combination of lyrics and music. As a rule, it is a deep and at the same time light ambient sound supported by keyboard instruments (electro organ, piano). Together with light soft vocals (mostly female) it makes a great music to rest and relax to. Deep House can be listened to both at a party and at home after work. Either way, it will help you calm down and will cheer you up.

Popular Deep House performers

If we talk about famous Deep House performers (you can download free Deep House tracks in mp3 on our website), we should mention such giants as Eric Kupper, Kevin Yost, Guidance Recordings label, Plastic City and, of course, Larry Heard. They are Deep House classics, who made this genre famous and loved by all of us. Their songs have been unavailable for ordinary listeners for a long time, but now, thanks to our website, you can find the best new Deep House tracks any time using our electronic music search service.

Free download of Deep House & Techno music mixes

When it’s about free downloading of popular Deep House mixes, you can always count on our website. We can offer you tracks of the most famous electronic music performers. From House and Electro to Techno. And all of the tracks are high-quality and completely free. To download a song, you just need to register, enter the name of the song you want into the search box, click the download button and it’s done. Now enjoy the electronic music of your favorite artists and stay positive in R&B rhythm.