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VA - Genesis IV [GNSYS086] VA - Genesis IV [GNSYS086]

Artist: VA
Title: Genesis IV
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Genesis Music
Quality: 320kbps

Agustin Giri – Berli (Original Mix) 7:09 /123bpm/ Amin
Agustin Lupidi – Inner Side (Original Mix) 8:29 /122bpm/ D#min
Agustin Sasson – Inceptive (Original Mix) 7:53 /122bpm/ Emaj
Aleks Voris – Red Tree (Original Mix) 6:32 /120bpm/ Amin
ALURIA – Utica Vimana (Original Mix) 9:59 /120bpm/ Dmin
Gatara – RoadTrippin (Original Mix) 7:03 /128bpm/ Fmaj
Juan Sapia – Melatonin (Original Mix) 8:48 /120bpm/ C#min
Juan Sapia – Stars Collide (Original Mix) 8:40 /120bpm/ Amin
Michael A – Expand Your World (Original Mix) 7:24 /122bpm/ Amaj
Michael A – Immersion (Original Mix) 7:28 /121bpm/ Dmin
Michael A – Kaleido Skope (Original Mix) 7:32 /120bpm/ Amaj
Michael A – Maasai (Original Mix) 8:08 /120bpm/ Fmaj
Nico Bruno – Wilderness (Original Mix) 7:55 /123bpm/ Dmaj
Nicolas Barbieri – Imaginary Way (Original Mix) 7:21 /121bpm/ Fmaj
Nicolas Pittaluga – Tranquility (Original Mix) 8:29 /123bpm/ Emaj
Pal-E – Dreamy Gardens (Nishan Lee Remix) 7:22 /122bpm/ C#min
Tech D – Impulse (Original Mix) 7:56 /122bpm/ Dmin
Tonaco – The Scream (Original Mix) 6:37 /122bpm/ F#min
VA - Café del Mar Dreams XI [12019156] [FLAC] VA - Café del Mar Dreams XI [12019156] [FLAC]

Artist: VA
Title: Café del Mar Dreams XI
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo, Lounge / Chill Out
Label: Café Del Mar Music
Quality: FLAC

Silent Poets, Leila Adu - Asylums for the Feeling feat. Leila Adu (Original Mix) 05:52 164bpm Amin
Dub Mentor, Tal Weiss - Guava feat. Tal Weiss (Original Mix) 04:01 112bpm Gmin
Santilli - Watching (Original Mix) 03:47 99bpm Cmaj
2XM - The Magic in Her Eyes (Original Mix) 05:09 93bpm C#min
Lorenzo Dada, Fete - Don't Argue (Ambient Mix) 03:57 116bpm Dmin
Catching Flies - Satisfied (Ambient Reprise) 03:13 122bpm Emin
Emanuel Satie, Billy Cobham - Don't Forget to Go Home feat. Billy Cobham (Nicolosi Ambient Mix) 04:32 170bpm Amin
Lyves - Dreams (Original Mix) 03:47 120bpm Amin
Slowheal - Velvet Dreams (Original Mix) 02:30 78bpm A#min
Faint Waves - Bonita (Original Mix) 03:56 90bpm Gmaj
Jacob Gurevitsch - In Search of Lost Time (Original Mix) 03:20 ╳bpm Bmin
Lisa Bassenge, [re:jazz] - All I Need feat. Lisa Bassenge (Original Mix) 03:58 93bpm Fmaj
Alice Russell, Natureboy - Sweet Is the Air feat. Natureboy (Original Mix) 04:46 125bpm Bmaj
Luminar - Teardrop (Original Mix) 03:36 67bpm F#maj
VA - Armada Chill Winter 2019 [ARDI4181] [FLAC] VA - Armada Chill Winter 2019 [ARDI4181] [FLAC]

Artist: VA
Title: Armada Chill Winter 2019
Genre: Downtempo, Chill Out, Ambient
Label: Armada Music Bundles
Quality: FLAC

Armin van Buuren - All Comes Down feat. Cimo Fränkel (Acoustic Version) 03:10 128bpm Cmaj
Lost Frequencies, Mokita - Black & Blue (Original Mix) 02:42 86bpm Fmaj
Above & Beyond - Strength From Inside (Original Mix) 04:01 90bpm Dmin
Trentemøller - Sleeper (Original Mix) 04:46 90bpm Cmaj
Pablo Nouvelle - A Deliberate Decision (Original Mix) 03:00 115bpm Emin
Sebastian Davidson - Gonzo feat. HYM (Original Mix) 03:47 90bpm Cmin
Mokita - More Than Friends (Stripped) 03:05 111bpm G#maj
Chicane - Oxygen feat. Paul Aiden (In Our Lungs Remix) 03:46 110bpm Cmaj
Zonderling, Josh Cumbee - Lifetime feat. Damon Sharpe (Acoustic Version) 03:07 94bpm Gmaj
Kidnap - Grow feat. Leo Stannard (Original Mix) 03:36 117bpm Fmaj
Anderholm - Sunflower (Original Mix) 05:05 115bpm G#min
Manu Zain - I Never Knew How feat. Patrick Baker (Original Mix) 03:14 115bpm A#maj
Estiva - Soma (Outro) 02:55 126bpm A#maj
boerd - Before We Drown feat. Stella Explorer (Original Mix) 03:51 85bpm Gmaj
BORDERLESS - Where Nobody Knows Us (Original Mix) 04:12 111bpm G#maj
Ascension - Someone (Aiiso Remix) 03:31 120bpm Gmaj
Road Kahan - Be You (Original Mix) 02:49 123bpm Dmin
Rai - Andromeda (Original Mix) 02:51 112bpm Gmin
Manu Zain - Tonight (Original Mix) 03:10 106bpm Dmin
IHF - Bloom (Original Mix) 03:17 105bpm Amin
Michael FK - Trust (Original Mix) 05:09 100bpm G#maj
PAAX (Tulum) - Emily (Original Mix) 03:16 100bpm Dmin
ALAMPA - Lush Dance (Original Mix) 04:30 110bpm C#min
Soma Soul - Eclipse feat. Ed Begley (Original Mix) 06:08 170bpm Fmaj
Moon Boots - Jumpin' feat. Niia (Original Mix) 03:25 95bpm Cmin
Bergman 5 - I Don't Want Nothing (Original Mix) 03:54 97bpm Amin
Burak Yeter - Move Like This (Original Mix) 03:00 117bpm Amin
Rowald Steyn - Déjà Vu (Stacey Lee May Chill Out Acoustic Remix) 01:55 120bpm Dmaj
Eelke Kleijn - Lost Souls feat. Ost (Nora En Pure Remix) 03:41 118bpm C#min
Markus Schulz, HALIENE - Ave Maria (Acoustic Mix) 03:46 128bpm G#maj
Traxsource Top 100 Lounge, Chill Out (17 Oct 2019) Traxsource Top 100 Lounge, Chill Out (17 Oct 2019)

Artist: VA
Title: Traxsource Top 100 Lounge, Chill Out (17 Oct 2019)
Genre: Lounge, Chill Out
Quality: 320 kbps

Frankie M., Valentina Chaves – La Prima [ST225] Frankie M., Valentina Chaves – La Prima [ST225]

Artist: Frankie M., Valentina Chaves
Title: La Prima
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Soundteller Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Frankie M – Bad Vibe Isn’t for Me (Intro Mix) (9:39)
Frankie M – Bad Vibe Isn’t for Me (Original Mix) (8:42)
Frankie M, Valentina Chaves – La Prima (Original Mix) (8:44)
Jords – Perspective [LC014] Jords – Perspective [LC014]

Artist: Jords
Title: Perspective
Genre: Techno, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno
Label: Lost Crate
Quality: 320 kbps

Jords – Falling Star (Original Mix) (7:24)
Jords – Falling Star (Ornery Remix) (7:14)
Jords – Lucid Dreaming (Original Mix) (8:21)
Jords – Lucid Dreaming (Felix FX Remix) (8:24)
Jords – Impetus (Original Mix) (7:51)
Jords – Impetus (TwoB Remix) (7:31)
Fanatic Funk - Bodrum Blues [DSR003] Fanatic Funk - Bodrum Blues [DSR003]

Artist: Fanatic Funk
Title: Bodrum Blues
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Deep State Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Fanatic Funk - Bodrum Blues (Original Mix) 6:59
Serge Landar – Deep Feelings [BALKAN0560] Serge Landar – Deep Feelings [BALKAN0560]

Artist: Serge Landar
Title: Deep Feelings
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Balkan Connection
Quality: 320kbps

Serge Landar – Deep Feelings (Original Mix) 6:44 /120bpm/ Cmin
Serge Landar – Deep Feelings (Willscape Remix) 8:27 /122bpm/ Cmin
Serge Landar – Delusion (Funkstate Remix) 7:32 /122bpm/ A#min
Serge Landar – Delusion (Original Mix) 6:00 /120bpm/ A#min

Sound Quelle, Brandon Mignacca – Iridescent [SILKA031] Sound Quelle, Brandon Mignacca – Iridescent [SILKA031]

Artist: Sound Quelle, Brandon Mignacca
Title: Iridescent
Genre: Electronica, Deep House, Progressive House
Label: Silk Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Sound Quelle – Surla (Intro Mix) (2:13)
Sound Quelle – Thimbu (Original Mix) (6:12)
Sound Quelle – Soiak (Original Mix) (5:22)
Sound Quelle – Boddhidharma (Original Mix) (6:34)
Sound Quelle & Brandon Mignacca – Boundless (Original Mix) (3:36)
Sound Quelle – Alwazarg (Original Mix) (6:33)
Sound Quelle – Windra (Original Mix) (5:38)
Sound Quelle & Brandon Mignacca – Iridescent (Original Mix) (4:30)
Sound Quelle – Clazamas (Original Mix) (5:20)
Sound Quelle – Mastaje (Original Mix) (3:28)
Sound Quelle – Izlaz (Original Mix) (6:20)
Sound Quelle – Endiferenza (Outro Mix) (3:36)
Sound Quelle & Brandon Mignacca – Boundless (Extended Mix) (5:34)
Sound Quelle & Brandon Mignacca – Iridescent (Extended Mix) (5:46)
Sound Quelle – Mastaje (Extended Mix) (6:00)
The Kid Inside - One Way Forward [DDD003TKI] The Kid Inside - One Way Forward [DDD003TKI]
The Kid Inside - One Way Forward [DDD003TKI]

Artist: The Kid Inside 
Title: One Way Forward 
Genre: Progressive House
Label: DeepDownDirty
Quality: 320 kbps

The Kid Inside - One Way Forward (dyLAB Remix)
The Kid Inside - One Way Forward (Jacki-e Remix)
The Kid Inside - One Way Forward (Jarvis Official Remix)
The Kid Inside - One Way Forward (Original Mix)
The Kid Inside - One Way Forward (Sonic Construction Remix)

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In our time, there is too much bustle in metropolises. People are constantly strung up and under stress. Chronic fatigue and depression always accompany a modern man. In such a world, it was inevitable that melodious styles appeared, such as, Deep House, Nu jazz, Trance and many others, which can be referred to Electronic Chill Out Lounge Music types that are specifically intended for rest and relax.

Chill Out is one of the genres of Electronic Music, the main purpose of which is relaxation and psychoemotional stress release. There is no tense in its rhythms, to this music negative emotions go away.

Lounge is also a genre of light music that contributes to restoration and relaxed atmosphere. Unlike with Chill Out, Lounge is characterized by jazzier sound, i. e. jam sessions.

Download music ChillOut, Downtempo & Lounge muisc in mp3

Soothing musical compositions are quite actual and popular not only among young people, this music is nice to hear at any age. Let’s sink into meditation and nirvana world together. For that to happen, you have to postpone all your tasks, download Chill Out Lounge Music for free and enjoy quality sound. Believe us, it is one of the most powerful methods to relax and get rid of prolonged depression. There is no need to search very hard, the best Chill Out and Lounge Music is available for downloading here.

Stop and smell the roses, clear your head, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Chill Out and Lounge Music. It will make everything easier, room for new ideas will be opened and your life will play out in fresh colours.